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Marina Beach Park for Maternity Photos in Edmonds

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Imagine having maternity photos on the beach at sunset, your baby bump framed by the golden sunlight. This may feel like an impossible situation if you live in Seattle and not Hawaii. While I cannot promise the golden sunlight, I can offer my favorite locations for maternity photos. Marina Beach Park in Edmonds is a great spot for families I work with.

maternity photos at Marina Beach Park in Edmonds

Marina Beach Park is a gorgeous location for maternity photos.

If you’re looking for a beach feel for your photos, this location could be your pick. On clear days you can peek the olympic mountains, and you can even catch ferries going by.

This park is very accessible for young kids and expecting mamas.

The thought of hiking down hills or walking far to a beach may not work for your family. Marina Beach Park has parking quite close to the beach. A short walk and you can have your toes in the sand.

maternity photo at the beach with gorgeous backlight

There is plenty of driftwood for snuggling up during your maternity photo session.

Sitting in the sand (and then trying to get back up) when pregnant does not sound very fun. However, Marina Beach Park has plenty of driftwood for snuggling up on. Your gallery of photographs will have a collection of sitting and standing poses, without you having to crawl in the sand. (Of course, if you want to sit on the sand, I’m not going to stop you!)

Maternity photos at Marina Beach Park for a family of four by Neyssa Lee Photography

Marina Beach Park has a couple of things to consider for your maternity session.

I want all of my families to be prepared. While I love this location, I know that it’s not right for everyone. There is a playground visible from the beach. If your child cannot see a playground without having to go right then, we can pick another spot. (Though if they can, that’s a great motivator, too).

It also can get crowded during the summers. You may have a few people in the background of your maternity photos. This is true of most beach locations though. While I use many angles to keep them out, it happens.

Sessions at Marina Beach Park begin 45 minutes before sunset. During the summer and early fall, this is very late for littles. If you need an earlier start time, you’ll need a location not right on the beach.

Finally, as with any beach location, it can get windy and chilly. Again, we live in Seattle, not Hawaii. The cool evenings sneak up on you. So you’ll want to dress warm.

With all these warnings, Marina Beach Park is a great location a maternity session.

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