Seattle Extended Family Photoshoot

Extended Family Photoshoot: The Perfect Gift for Grandma

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Seattle Extended Family Photoshoot

One of the greatest gifts you can give your parents is an extended family photoshoot. However, it’s not a gift just for them, it’s a gift for the entire family.

Let’s be honest here. I’m sure your parents don’t need another kitchen utensil, book, or electronic “gadget” (as my dad calls them). So how do you give them something that feels as special as they are to you?

As a Seattle family photographer, I may be biased to think that photographs are the best gift you can give. But really, existing in photos is so important. Your legacy documented forever.

What makes an extended family photoshoot so special?

It captures the entire family together.

An extended family photoshoot captures the entire family together. Not only your family and your parents, but your sister’s family, and your brother’s family, too.

The entire group shot shows you all together, in the same place. While this may be what people book extended family sessions for, it’s the rest of the photos that they cherish even more.

grandparents with grandkids in a Seattle extended family photo session

An extended family photoshoot captures the grandparents with their grandkids.

In my family, the grandparents are the glue that keeps us afloat. They give my kids extra love, are another set of hands to help, and more people who love my children unconditionally. How many people can you say that about?

I photograph the grandparents with just the grandkids. This photo usually ends up being one of the favorites of families. Why? It shows just how full their hands and their hearts are.

After this photo is taken, I will give the kids a break and take a photo of the grandparents and their “kids.” Because you need photos with your parents, too.

seattle family photo of parents with baby

Next, I will photograph each family individually.

Think of it like a mini photo session. It isn’t as in depth as a full family session, but gives you a few photos of your immediate family together.

Then we focus on just the cousins together during the extended family photoshoot.

Depending on the ages of the kids, this point in the extended family photoshoot may feel a bit extra chaotic. Don’t fret. I will encourage only one adult to be my helper to get those smiles and attention.

Father and son during photo session on Mercer Island

Finally, you get to let loose and I will capture those special dynamics within the family.

With the more “formal” portraits out of the way, it’s time for extra fun. This means throwing rocks together in the river, or having a massive dance party, or blowing wish flowers together in a field. We let the location and your family’s personality dictate how this time goes.

This time in the extended family photoshoot is about capturing more candid feeling moments together. While I will direct a bit to get people in closer, or to do something again, I am watching your family interact.

Seattle extended family photoshoot by Neyssa Lee Photography

At the end of your extended family photoshoot you will have a gallery of photographs everyone will cherish for generations.

Not only will you receive a large gallery of photos, but I custom design an album to give the grandparents.

Questions about the extended family photoshoot, contact me.

Ready to start planning your family photography session? Head to my What to Wear Guides for my top tips.

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