Seattle photographer, Neyssa Lee, looking at her Sony mirrorless camera

Is It Time to Switch to a Mirrorless Camera?

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Photo of Seattle newborn photographer holding Sony mirrorless camera

Technology in the photography world has come a long way, even just in my own lifetime. As a kid, I received my first digital camera that took 6 AA batteries. Now, one of the most significant advancements has been the rise of mirrorless cameras. With their compact size, advanced features, and excellent image quality, mirrorless cameras have gained immense popularity among photographers. However, many photographers still wonder whether it’s time to make the switch from their trusty DSLRs. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and help you answer the question: Is it time to switch to a mirrorless camera?

One of the biggest advantages of mirrorless cameras is their compact and lightweight design.

Unlike DSLRs, which require a complex mirror and prism system, mirrorless cameras don’t have an optical viewfinder. This means the camera body can be much smaller. When I first switched to a mirrorless camera, it felt so small, as if I was carrying a point-and-shoot camera.

This portability makes them ideal for travel, street photography, and any situation where carrying heavy equipment is impractical. If you value convenience and mobility, a mirrorless camera can be a game-changer. As a Seattle family and newborn photographer, the smaller size makes it easier for me to chase toddlers and kids during family portrait sessions.

Another major benefit of making the switch from DSLR is the improved Autofocus and real-time feedback.

The autofocus capabilities of mirrorless cameras are unmatched. It will blow your mind the first time you try one. It did mine. I was instantly sold. The autofocus could follow my husband taking a kid down the slide and capture basically every frame in focus.

They employ advanced autofocus systems that allow for faster and more accurate autofocus, especially in challenging lighting conditions. Furthermore, mirrorless cameras provide real-time feedback on exposure, white balance, and other settings through electronic viewfinders or the rear LCD screen. This feature enables you to see the final image before pressing the shutter button, making it easier to achieve the desired results.

Mirrorless cameras also have enhanced video capabilities.

Mirrorless cameras excel not only in still photography but also in videography. Options for features include 4K video recording, high frame rates, and advanced video autofocus. They offer an excellent platform for content creators, vloggers, and filmmakers. One area of photography I hope to add to my offerings is videos during family and newborn sessions. Mirrorless cameras make that addition even simpler as I can have only one camera to do both video and photography beautifully. If you have a keen interest in videography or wish to explore the world of motion capture, a mirrorless camera can be a valuable tool to unleash your creativity.

Seattle photographer capturing headshots for small business owner

A few common concerns when switching to mirrorless cameras from DSLR

While the benefits seem astounding, there are many concerns a photographer has about making the switch from the trusted DSLR.

One concern is about the adaptability of lenses

One concern photographers often have when considering a switch to mirrorless is the availability of lenses. However, mirrorless cameras have gained significant market share, leading to an ever-expanding range of native lenses from various manufacturers. Additionally, with the use of lens adapters, you can still utilize your existing collection of DSLR lenses, although there may be some limitations. I have heard of many photographers who use adapters (across all camera brands) without issue. Meaning you could make the switch without giving up all of your lenses. Of course, this requires you to stick with the same camera manufacturer.

Personally, I switched from Canon to Sony (that reasoning is for another day, another blog post). While I did purchase two Sony G master lenses, I was able to have my Sigma Art 35mm lens changed to a Sony mount.

Seattle photographer, Neyssa Lee, looking at her Sony mirrorless camera

Another concern is the ever-evolving technology advancements in cameras.

Mirrorless cameras are at the forefront of camera technology. They are where more focus is going into for research and development. As newer models are released, they often feature the latest innovations. These include things such as improved image sensors, enhanced image stabilization, faster processors, and more intuitive user interfaces. It can seem as if the technology is moving forward so quickly. You worry you will be outdated the moment you purchase a mirrorless camera. Because they are no small investment, that can feel a bit concerning.

However, most electronics are constantly growing and evolving. Don’t let that stop you from jumping on the train toward the future of the photography industry. By switching, you can stay up to date with the latest advancements and benefit from the cutting-edge features offered by these cameras.

The decision to switch to a mirrorless camera ultimately depends on your individual needs, preferences, and shooting style.

While DSLRs still have their merits, mirrorless cameras offer numerous advantages that make them a compelling choice for many photographers. Consider it like the switch from film to digital cameras many photographers faced years ago. Whether it’s the compact design, advanced autofocus, enhanced video capabilities, adaptability, or an evolving technology, mirrorless cameras provide a promising platform for photographers seeking to elevate their craft. So, if you’re considering an upgrade, carefully evaluate your requirements and consider giving mirrorless cameras a try. It may be the perfect time to make the switch and unlock new creative possibilities.