Christmas newborn photos by Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee

Lifestyle Christmas Newborn Photo Session: Capturing the Magic

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Christmas newborn photos by Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee

Welcoming a newborn into your life is an extraordinary experience filled with love and joy. Trust me, I had 6 babies because it was so special. 😉 When your baby is due during the holiday season, it adds an extra touch of magic to the occasion. One of the best ways to cherish these precious moments is through lifestyle newborn photography. As a Seattle newborn photographer, I created this blog to help you with what to expect for a holiday time newborn photo shoot. Further, we will look at how to capture the essence of the holiday season in these timeless images.

First, I want to reassure you that when you work with me for your due around Christmas time newborn baby, your session will not only look like a Christmas session. I understand the importance of both highlighting when your baby is born, and also having a collection of timeless images that aren’t holiday themed.

Newborn portraits with big brother, mom, dad during Seattle in home session

Choosing a Photographer for Newborn Photos

Selecting the right photographer is crucial in ensuring that your lifestyle newborn photos. Look for a photographer with experience in newborn photography and a portfolio that aligns with your vision. Reading through prospective photographers’ blogs, about me, and session information pages ensure you are a good fit for each other.

Things to look for when researching photographers is the connection in photos. Are families close and snuggly or more posed and formal and how do you feel about what you see? Another thing to look for would be the amount of eye contact in a gallery.

As a lifestyle newborn photographer, I make take a couple of everyone looking at the camera. However, you won’t find those photos on my website. I want you to know that your gallery is about your connection with each other. Another thing to notice is if the session focuses only on the baby or if the entire family is included. Did you hope to include big brother (or sister), or even a fur baby? Then ensure the photographer you choose does allow for the entire family, fur babies, too, during a newborn photo session. (Psst. I do allow the entire family for newborn photos, Christmas time, or not!)

Newborn baby portraits in Seattle in home photo session
Newborn baby portraits in Seattle in home photo session

Preparing for your Christmas newborn photo session.

Setting the Date:

Your session will be scheduled for shoot shortly after your baby’s arrival while still allowing enough time for rest and recovery. Families I work with book their due date, and then once baby is here we set the actual session date for their Christmas newborn photos. We consider factors like the baby’s health, your energy levels, and any travel plans during the holiday season.

what to wear for Christmas newborn portraits in Seattle

Selecting Outfits for the entire family:

Choose outfits that complement the holiday theme without overpowering the focus on your newborn. Begin with the basic What to Wear for Newborn Photo tips. While I do not suggest bright, Christmas red, (as it can make your baby look more red/yellow than they already do as newborns) a deep maroon photographs beautifully for a more festive feel.

You could also select a more neutral option to begin with and then change baby into something with more of a Christmas feel. For example, this gown from Lou Lou and Company photographs beautifully for the holidays, without feeling too over the top. As for the rest of the family opt for cozy knitted sweaters, and coordinating colors. Avoid outfits that could cause discomfort or irritate the baby’s delicate skin.

Should you prefer to stay more neutral or wish to not have Christmas newborn photos be the main goal, that’s okay. We can get you that festive feel in a few photos using the environment. More on that in a moment though.

Mother and son during Christmas, in home portrait session in Seattle area

Decorating the House:

As a lifestyle newborn photographer, props are not used. However, by having a newborn-sized Santa hat or bow for the baby to wear in a few photos you can add to the Christmas feeling of your newborn photos.

But what about your home? Having your home decorated for the holidays will really add to the Christmas spirit. If you are a “go all out, every inch is decorated in Christmas decor” I suggest leaving some areas without decorations to allow for variety in your gallery. You likely do not want your entire session to be Christmas newborn photos, but photos that highlight your baby and your family as you welcome this baby. A good rule of thumb is to have your Christmas tree up and decorated along with a few other decorations. You could also have a space like the master bedroom, or nursery, where we could go to capture a few photos without Christmas decor in them.

Mother holding newborn baby girl against her chest during Seattle portrait session

Capturing the Christmas Spirit in Newborn Photos:

Natural Light:

Lifestyle newborn photography takes advantage of natural light to create a soft, warm, and inviting atmosphere. We will use window light only (besides those tree lights), which may mean adjusting furniture or snuggling in close to a window for that gorgeous natural light.

Family Bonding:

After having a baby, the goal is family bonding. Newborn photos, whether around Christmas time or not, is about allowing you to be together as a family. As mentioned above family, we include parents, siblings, and even pets in the photo session.

Should grandparents be in town visiting, we can include them for a couple of brief photos as well. (Hint, hint, they love this as a Christmas gift, too!)

We will capture tender moments as family members interact with your newborn baby, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Family of 4 during Snoqualmie baby photography session

Guided not posed:

Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on capturing the candid moments and genuine emotions of your family. You are guided into poses and positions and then offered prompts that allow for connections and emotions to emerge. Embrace the unpredictable nature of a newborn shoot , especially if you have a toddler, too. We will capture those heartwarming moments that will make your images unique and memorable. The spontaneous smiles, yawns, and tiny fingers will tell a story of their own.

Baby on mom's legs with parents hand's surrounding her for Christmas newborn portraits

Celebrating the arrival of your newborn during the Christmas season is truly magical.

One of my girls was due on Christmas day! (It sure made for a fun countdown to Christmas AND baby!) While I would not have picked a Christmas baby, her birth and arrival was so special. That Christmas might be my favorite every. Imagine, sitting by the Christmas tree with a few day or week old baby? It was pretty special

Lifestyle newborn photography provides a wonderful opportunity to capture these precious moments and create timeless memories. By selecting the right photographer, preparing for the shoot, and embracing the holiday spirit, you can ensure that your Christmas-themed newborn photos will be cherished for a lifetime. Embrace the joy, love, and enchantment of this special time, and let the camera capture the essence of the season in every frame.

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