Is a Mini Maternity Photo Session Right for Me?

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Is a Mini Maternity Photo Session right for you? The best way to answer this question is to tell you what you can expect while showing you photos from a Seattle area photo session.

A Mini Maternity Photo Session is a way to document your family just before baby arrives.

As soon as that baby arrives your life will be changed. If you have kids, their lives, too, will be changed. Of course it is all for the better, adding a baby to the family. However, that time just before baby arrives, when you’re focused on your family right now, soaking up your last weeks as a family of three (or 2, or 5).

You’re holding onto your “baby” just a little longer before a new baby comes into the picture. A mini maternity session is a way that helps you hold on a little more, to go back.

Seattle mini maternity photo of family of four with pregnant mama

This session also captures your beautiful baby bump.

Every mom has different feelings about pregnancy. While some love it, others find it uncomfortable and simply a means to a beautiful end.

However, no matter how you feel, your body is doing an amazing thing – it is growing life. Overall, pregnancy is such a short part of our journey in motherhood, but by having photos you can always look back and be reminded of your strength and beauty right from the start.

A Mini Maternity Photo Session gives your kids something to look back on.

Kids LOVE photos of themselves. Their faces do not even have to be in the picture. Kids love to see themselves in mommy’s tummy. They are as baffled and mystified by the human body and mom’s ability to grow life as we are. It is a gift to give them the opportunity later in life to see where they began with photos from your mini maternity session.

Mother and daughter during Snoqualmie Maternity Portraits

We will also capture the sibling bond from the beginning.

The way big sister points to baby, or kisses baby, or felt for kicks can all be documented during your mini maternity photo session. Let it serve as a sweet reminder that they loved each other right from the start. (Pull it out during a hard week with the kids, those teen years, or a random Tuesday. I promise you’ll appreciate it).

A Mini Maternity Photo Session captures you and your husband together before baby.

Mom and dad, you are important, too. I know we love to put our children first, and we love photos of our children more than our own selves. However, having photos of just mom and dad together before baby, is something you can treasure.

Maternity Portraits in Seattle

A Mini Maternity Photo Session gives you the chance to get comfortable with me before I come to document your newborn baby.

If you’re feeling a little unsure about having someone come into your home so shortly after birth to photograph your family (no matter how much you know you will love the photos), a mini maternity photo session gives you the opportunity to work with me ahead of time. Let everyone get the feel for how I work, who I am, so that come time for newborn photos, it’s as easy as coffee with a friend on a Sunday.

So is a mini maternity photo session right for you? I think they are right for every family expecting a baby. Do you know why I offer them as a mini, when I don’t offer any other kind of mini session? Because I think they are that important. If it comes to having to choose between the full maternity or a full newborn session, most would choose the newborn session. You may not be able to see past the body you’re unsure in to a time when you may miss those baby kicks. So I offer an option for you to have both sessions affordably.

Please note that mini maternity sessions are only available to families who also book a newborn photo session with me.

Ready to book your maternity and newborn photo session? Contact me below (be sure to include your due date!) and let’s start planning how to document that beautiful baby bump!

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