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There is so much beauty around the Pacific Northwest. It is the perfect backdrop for family photos no matter the season. However, the extra punch of color during the fall months make this time of year even more sought after for photos.

And how can you not love fall? The return of routine that school brings, fall colors, pumpkin everything, the coming holidays, reasons for scarves, sweaters and boots.

But with fall comes crisper days and cooler evenings. While the light may be spectacular for photos, the chilly air can be hard for your baby.

Warm kids always equal happy kids. Here are a few tips to help keep baby warm while looking beautiful for family photos.

3 Tips for Keeping Baby Warm for Family Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Fall Family Photos, Playful family photos with baby and big sister

Use warm, but smart, layers on baby.

You do not want to end up with a marshmallow puff baby by the time you’re done bundling up baby. If she’s old enough to walk or crawl you want her to be able to do so comfortably. So use smart layers.

This means well-fitting layers, like using a long sleeve onesie under a dress for extra warmth.

Select thick tights if she’s in a dress. Or if he is in pants, consider a layer underneath as well. (Again, keep bulk in mind).

BONUS TIP: Remember that those layers may be seen, so only use items that compliment your family photos. The last thing you want is a bright pink onesie under her adorable sweater peeking out the entire time.

3 Tips for Keeping Baby Warm for Family Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Fall Family Photography, Photo of baby girl in a beanie smiling at the camera

Keep their heads warm with a well-fitting hat.

We all know how heat escapes out of our heads. By keeping baby’s head warm you can keep baby warmer longer. Bonnets and beanies are adorable additions to your family photos and can even add a pop of color.

The key to having the hat photograph beautifully is to ensure it fits well as they move, snuggle, and play. You do not want to have the hat continuously slipping over their faces.

Test out a hat beforehand. Put it on their heads, hold them, snuggle them, swing them around, let the move and crawl. Does it come off?

Looking for a cute bonnet? My favorite company is Briar Baby. They have a great selection, beautiful quality, and fabrics for every season.

BONUS TIP: Avoid brimmed hats. Brims create shadows on baby’s face that you don’t want.

3 Tips for Keeping Baby Warm for Family Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Fall Family Photos, Photo of baby girl with Boston terrier

Remember baby’s feet.

I’ve had enough babies to know that socks don’t stay on their tiny, round feet. Don’t get me started with shoes. They come off and are a pain. Most of the time I just avoided them all together.

When you’re outside you don’t want to forget about keeping their feet warm. Get a well fitting pair of booties, tights, or moccasins (my most favorite shoes for baby are Freshly Picked Moccs, they actually stayed on my kids).

By following these three tips, you’ll have a happy, warm baby without an outfit that does not distract from your family photos.

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