Best Places to Find Family Photo Outfits for Mom

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Shopping for kids is a whole lot easier (and more fun) then shopping for us moms. They can look adorable no matter what we put them in. Plus the options for them feel endless. It is easy to start with them when planning out what to wear for family photos. However, I would argue that mom is most important when it comes to dressing for photos, whether it’s family, maternity, or newborn photos. This is because we are the hardest to shop for, we are the hardest on ourselves, and we care most how we look and feel in something. But where do you find photo outfits for mom?

In my What to Wear for Family Photo Tip Round Up, I spend plenty of time discussing ideas on how to put outfits together, color inspiration, bonus tips for dressing kids, and more. But what about moms?

Where can we find things that you will love wearing and that photographs well?

Before I share where I like to find family photo outfits for moms, I offer a couple of important things to consider.

  1. Select something that is flattering. When you feel beautiful, it shows. Just because something coordinates well does not mean it will photograph well. If you hate showing off your arms and you pick a sleeveless, it will show. And if you pick something you feel beautiful in that will show too!
  2. Select something you can move around in. Yes, you want to look your best, but you also want to be able to move around, play with the kids, stand, sit, and sway. Things that offer a bit of movement can only enhance your photos.
  3. Consider if you’ll be holding kids. Again, we move play, dance, and snuggle. If your outfit is low-cut that baby can pull down or you have to keep tugging on to stay put, look for something else. Once again, the last thing you want is to be adjusting constantly.
  4. Oversized outfits can photograph frumpy or make you look larger. I know all about trying to hide that postpartum baby weight. However, if a top is boxy it will photograph like a box.
  5. If you’re pregnant, show off that baby bump!

Okay, let’s get to my favorite places to find outfits for mom for photos.

Pink blush dress on Seattle photographer during maternity photos

One favorite place to find photo outfits for mom is Pink Blush.

You may think of Pink Blush Maternity, however, they also have a great women’s line. They have lots of great options, plenty of colors and styles, and they have something whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or past that stage all together.

I have ordered here for my maternity photos, but have seen many cute options for women who are not pregnant.

Another perk, they often have sales and returns are simple. I had ordered several dresses to try and found a couple that just didn’t fit well. Sometimes shopping online can be a pain, but in this case it paid off.

Edmonds Maternity Portraits of Mom in yellow floral dress walking with husband at Brackett's Landing North. outfits for moms for photos,

An easy place to find outfits is Amazon

This one may shock you. Amazon for family photo outfits for mom?! But yup. I have found several tops and dresses from Amazon. Again, they have plenty of selection, many with 2 day shipping in case you’re in a crunch. Plus, you can easily return something that doesn’t fit well or you don’t like.

I have personally ordered a top for my own newborn session along with a dress for family photos. Several clients whom I have complimented on their outfits said they got them from Amazon (like the mama’s dress above).

Quality can be a hit or miss, so check reviews. However, if you’re just aiming for a fresh family photo outfit then it’s a great place.

Rattlesnake Lake family photos

Nordstrom (and Nordstrom Rack) is a great place to find family photo outfits for mom.

Who doesn’t love Nordstrom? Very few compare to their service, return policy and quality. Even shopping online is easy because returns are hassle free. They have plenty of options no matter your style. If you go in store the sales people are super helpful and knowledgeable. I’m sure if you tell them you’re looking for family photo outfits for mom they can help you. Plus in one stop you’re able to find and outfit, shoes, accessories, or something for the entire family for your session.

If you have a bit extra time to shop, I have found great pieces for family photos at Nordstrom Rack at a great deal. The top in my family photos above I found one fall and became the basis of our entire color scheme that year.

Client Favorite Places Round Up

I went ahead and asked friends and clients where they have found great pieces they loved for family photos too. While I haven’t personally tried them all, I’ve photographed these moms and know they looked beautiful.

  • Anthropologie – Again, so many cute styles though not without a higher price tag.
  • Carly Jean Los Angeles – I have personally ordered a few basics from Carly Jean and love them. The fabrics are so soft and forgiving. I was warned to double check what you order as their return policy is for store credit only.
  • Rylee + Cru – They have beyond adorable outfits that coordinate well with their younger kids’ line.

 If you’re expecting and having maternity photos with me, head to How to Pick the Right Maternity Dress. It will include things to consider that apply when you’re sporting that gorgeous baby bump!

For more ideas on what to wear, peek at my family and maternity portfolios.