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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

With summer coming so rapidly I am sharing my top 5 favorite summer family photo session locations. 

For all of my locations I’m hoping for a few things that will add to the family session. The first is variety. I want a location where, without having to hike too far, I can get several different looks for one session. A small walk is okay, because it helps to break up the session for kids (and dads, too). The walk to the next spot is a great time to get to know each family a little more. However, I don’t want too long of a distance that kids get tired and cranky either.

Another thing I look for is pretty light and ways to filter sunlight. I know that families with young kids can’t always do a summer sunset session. A wide open field for a 5pm shoot during the summer isn’t going to work well. So I make sure there are spots with trees or buildings that we can filter that light and let it peek around to add to our photo.

The last two things I look for are locations that aren’t crowded (we don’t want lots of people in the background of your photos) yet offer something to do. The Pacific Northwest is amazing as there are plenty bodies of water where we can throw rocks, or trails we can explore, or even trains we can visit. 

So what are my favorite summer family photo session locations?! 

1. Historic Downtown Snoqualmie: There is plenty of variety in downtown Snoqualmie. From the little gazebo, the tree lined park, to the trains which the kids love to visit. (Note: Sessions with the trains take place after 5pm so that trains are not running).

favorite summer family photo session locations, Snoqualmie Family photographer

2. Luther Burbank Park & Mercer Slough: Okay, I’m cheating by adding these as one location. But they tie as favorites and you can’t go wrong with either location. The Mercer Slough has plenty of trails and beauty, you’d never know you’re minutes from downtown Bellevue. While Luther Burbank is one of my favorite spots any time of year, with beautiful trails, and is right on the water too.

Favorite Summer Family Photo Session Locations, Seattle Family Photographer

3. The Meadowbrook Interpretive Center: Okay, so this place is mostly a big open field. BUT….during the summer the foliage that covers the entrance to the center is so beautiful. There is often an area of tall grass along the tree line and a little boardwalk not too far from the center.

Favorite Summer Family Photo Session Locations, Snoqualmie Family Photographer, Seattle Family Photography

4. Rattlesnake Lake: If you have ever been to Rattlesnake lake, you know of it’s beauty. I personally, have had my family photos taken there and love the background it provided. While it can get crowded, the right time and spots make for a great family photo session location.

Favorite Summer Family Photo Session, Snoqualmie Family Photographer

5. Tanner Landing Park: This is my #1 favorite location right now. It has everything I look for in a location, from variety (there is a long grass field, an open field, a wooden fenced area, wooded trails, and the river), to ways to filter gorgeous light, and hardly anyone is ever there. It is the perfect location for making art in the form of your family photos, worthy of hanging on your walls. In case you missed it, this family session was taken at Tanner Landing.

Favorite Summer Family Photo Session Locations, Snoqualmie Family Photographer,

There you have it. My top 5 Favorite Summer Family Photo Session Locations. Do you see a spot you’d love your family photos taken this year? Contact me, I would love to chat with you about your family session!


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