5 Tips for Magical Family Photos in the Snow

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There’s nothing like a blanket of fresh snow to make the world seem calm and magical. Am I right? Add in the gorgeous landscape the Pacific Northwest offers, how could you not want to have family photos in the snow?

If your family loves the snow or to go on adventures together, a snowy family photo session is a perfect option for you. Using these five tips will ensure a fun experience for everyone while resulting in magical and gorgeous photos for you.

Wear outfits that stand out from the snow.

While you may love a good neutral color palate, your goal is to stand out from the snow in your family photos. I’m not saying wearing bright or neon colors, but think pops of deep reds, blues, or greens that will really make you pop against the background.

mother and son hugging for family photos in the snow

Dress in WARM layers & only bring what you are okay with in photos.

This is a two part tip. The first is to dress in layers. The snow is a perfect time for scarves, hats, mittens and coats. The last thing you want is cold kids, because cold kids are cranky kids (trust me, I’ve been there many a times with kids who are too cold and resort only to whining the rest of our adventure). Here it does not hurt to be over prepared, even if we do not use everything, or you take layers off.

The second part of this is to only bring layers that you are okay with in your snow family photos. If your son has a neon green dragon jacket that you hate and do not want in photos (again, I don’t blame you, we want to stay away from neon colors), do not bring it. Kids do not want to take off their coat for photos, put it back on to warm up, and then take it off again. Instead, only have things that you want in photos to avoid any battles.

Plus, there are often moments “in between” where I capture sweet gestures or playful moments and having a bunch of extra gear you do not want included could be a distraction in your photo.

Bonus Tip: Bring a pack of hand and/or foot warmers to stick in pockets for a little extra warmth.

Couple embracing in the snow at Snoqualmie Pass

Shoes matter for your family photos.

Okay, so shoes always matter in family photos. However, now we not only want shoes to not distract from your photos, but we want to keep feet warm and dry during your family photo session in the snow. Embrace boots or shoes that will work well in the snow to avoid cold and wet feet!

Playful and relaxed family photos in the snow at Snoqualmie Pass

Embrace the environment and come prepared to have fun in the snow.

You will be in the snow, so expect to have a snowy dance party, to explore the area, and to even have a snowball fight. I do not know many kids (or husbands) who could walk through the snow without being tempted by throwing a snowball. Embrace it for your family photos in the snow. In fact, be the first one to throw a snowball or dive in and twirl with your son in the snow!

Not only will everyone be focused on having fun and not having their photos taken, but your gallery will reflect your family even better – with genuine smiles and laughter.

Tips for Magical Family Photos in the Snow, Seattle Family Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography,  Snow Photo Tips, Lifestyle family photo in the mountains in the snow

Talk up your family photos in the snow as an adventure.

Make the day an adventure, a trip to the mountains, playing in the snow, with a stop for hot chocolate afterwards. Talking up the experience and what to expect with your kids will help them see it as a fun adventure not a boring family photo shoot.

Bonus Tip: Have a spare set of clothes, socks and shoes in the car for after your session along with some special snacks to make your trip home (or trip to a coffee shop for hot chocolate) more enjoyable.

With a little extra warmth and an adventurous spirit you could have an extra magical family photo session in the snow. Don’t let the planning of a snowy session overwhelm you. I’m here to help, from picking out outfits to selecting the right location.

Tips for Magical Family Photos in the Snow, Seattle Family Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography,  Snow Photo Tips, Photo of boy catching snowflakes on his tongue

When do snowy family photo sessions around the Seattle area typically take place and when should you schedule your session? February and early March are pretty safe that there will be snow in the mountains (Snoqualmie Pass isn’t too far away). Some years we have even been lucky enough to have snow mid-November. If you are hoping for a session in the snow, just let me know when you’re booking your session.

Scroll a few other family photo sessions in the snow below for inspiration and click the link to book your own family photo session.

Tips for Magical Family Photos in the Snow, Seattle Family Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography,  Snow Photo Tips, Photo of Family Playing in the Snow
Tips for Magical Family Photos in the Snow, Seattle Family Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography,  Snow Photo Tips, Photo of baby bundled up outside