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Seattle Area Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot: What to Expect

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As the reality of what postpartum will really be like, you are likely wondering if you really want to be photographed. There are so many unknowns from labor to recovery to what life with a newborn will be like. However, knowing what to expect for your newborn photoshoot can help you feel more confident.

The early days with your baby will be a blur and will fly by. Preparing for your Seattle area lifestyle newborn photoshoot before baby arrives is my top tip. However, there really is not much preparing for your session.

What I mean, you’re having a baby. That’s plenty of work. You do not need to do much to prepare for your session beyond booking your photographer and deciding what to wear! Let’s talk about everything you can expect from your newborn photoshoot.

Awake baby in parent's arms during Seattle area newborn photoshoot

After you are booked for a newborn photoshoot you are given access to my newborn client lounge.

The client lounge gives you tips on planning what to wear for your newborn photoshoot, along with more of what to expect. It will also talk about when to schedule your session.

Booking your session with me means your due date is reserved on my calendar. It means I expect baby to come within a few weeks before or after that due date. Booking your session means that whenever baby arrives there will be space on my calendar for your family’s newborn photoshoot. While I try hard to leave room for any last minute newborn sessions, fall is peak season for Seattle family photography session. Babies due in fall, I highly recommend booking your session earlier rather than later.

baby on mom's shoulder with dad snuggling in during Snoqualmie baby photography session

Once baby arrives you will contact me to officially schedule your baby’s photography session.

Several factors will play into how soon after baby’s birth your newborn photoshoot will take place. The first is your delivery. You will know shortly after delivery how soon you’ll feel ready for photos. The second factor is how baby is doing. If NICU time is needed, or if you’re having to have many extra appointments for weight checks on baby, you may need to wait until 2 or 3 weeks before have your session.

Again, the best time for your newborn photoshoot is when you’re feeling most ready. When you are more comfortable it will show. So it’s okay if baby is 8 days or 4 weeks.

With your session scheduled it’s time to think about what to expect during your newborn photoshoot!

Upon my arrival at your home I will ask for a home tour.

I’m not looking for the most magazine worthy space, but the space with the best natural light. This is typically the master bedroom or living room. Remember, I have six kids. My house always looks like a tornado went off. You just had a baby, I expect the diaper piles, water bottles, snacks, and things.

I can always move things around so they aren’t in the frame. You do not need to have a spotless or “perfect” home for a newborn photoshoot. I remind you that I’m photographing your baby, your family, not your home.

baby in father's hands during Snoqualmie newborn photoshoot

Your session will follow baby’s lead.

Once we begin your newborn photoshoot, baby is leading the way. Should they need to stop for feedings or diaper changes, we pause. (Of course, I will likely snap a few nursing photos, too). Should baby need to be swaddled and held, wonderful.

The beauty of my approach to lifestyle photography is that it is flexible.

Further, if you have older children, their needs are also considered. I expect them to come and go from your session. I blend the needs of everyone. So again, if your toddler needs to stop for a snack, that is okay.

This leads to the type of photographs to expect from your photo session.

Mother feeding baby a bottle during Seattle area newborn photoshoot

While no “poses” are guaranteed during your newborn photoshoot, your gallery will have specific types of photos.

As I mentioned above, your baby guides the newborn photoshoot. However, the types of photos I’m after remain the same. Your gallery will include photos of the entire family, only baby, baby details (like feet, hands, hair, etc), siblings (if applicable), and each parent with baby.

If grandparents are visiting, your gallery would also include photos with them as well.

Mother gorgeously kissing newborn baby's head during Snoqulalmie newborn photoshoot

Your baby’s photo session will take 1 to 2 hours.

Newborn sessions can take up to 2 hours depending on how many times baby needed to stop to nurse. Other children and pets will play a factor, too. The more people included, the more time it can take.

I am not in a rush to get in and out of your home. I am also not there to make baby “perform” for photos. 2 hours may sound like a long time for a newborn photoshoot, however, it will feel quick yet relaxed. We will chat and you can drink coffee, there are small breaks as baby feeds, or I’m focusing on one parent with baby.

When I am confident we have captured everything we need to give you a well rounded gallery of photographs, I will pack up and say my goodbyes.

Approximately 2 to 3 weeks after your session you will receive your gallery and album design proof.

If you signed the model release giving me permission to share photos in your pre-session questionnaire, you will see some sneak peeks on my Instagram stories.

Either way, several weeks after your newborn photoshoot you will receive an email with your gallery of photographs. From there you can download your photos, order prints, cards, and more. You will also receive an email with your album design proof you can approve or request minor changes.

You’ll have one week to make any requests, so that your album can be in your hands sooner!

baby laying on bed holding dad's hands during lifestyle newborn photoshoot in Seattle

With the process laid out start to finish you can know confidently what to expect for a Seattle area lifestyle newborn photoshoot.

The next step is to book your session. Head to my session info page to see which option (the newborn photoshoot or the mini maternity and newborn session) is right for you.

Looking for more inspiration for having your baby photographed? There is a library full of resources below.

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