What is the best age to have baby photos?

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You’ve had your baby’s newborn photos taken, but are already seeing how much she has grown and changed. So what is the best age to have more baby photos taken?

Of course, as a Seattle newborn photographer and a mom of 6, I think anytime is the best time for baby photos. However, I know we can’t all have professional photographs taken of our baby once a month. So here I aim to help you decide a good time for photos that are after your newborn photos, but before they turn one year old.

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There is no “wrong” time.

I want to start by saying, that if you want to have this stage your baby is in photographed, do it. No one has ever regretted documenting their baby. If this stage is extra special and irresistible, and you don’t want it to pass then contact me now and we will get you on the calendar ASAP.

If you didn’t have in-home newborn photos taken, consider photos right now. No matter what age your baby is. They are the littlest they will ever be again.

With that, let’s continue on into finding the best age for baby photos.

Six to Nine Months is a great age to photograph your baby.

One of my favorite stages for my kids was from 6-9 months old. This is when their personality is starting to show, they can sit up on their own, and are full of giggles. These are all wonderful details of this stage in your baby’s life to have photos from.

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Photos of your baby at this age allow us to showcase your bond as a family.

As your baby is developing their personality, you are still the center of her world. It is you who brings out the biggest smiles and giggles. It is you who knows her favorite games and activities. You bring out that sparkle in her eye. This makes this stage the perfect time to make sure you get in the photos with your child.

For this reason, I call these sessions family portrait sessions and not simply baby photo sessions. While your baby is likely the star of the show, it is your family together that matters most. During your baby’s photo session, I will guide you into playful positions that allow you to connect while looking amazing.

Best Age to Photograph Baby, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Baby Photographer, Portrait of adorable baby girl

Another favorite age for baby photos is 3 or 4 months.

While most families decide to aim for that 6 to 9-month age range (for all of those above reasons), that doesn’t mean earlier isn’t wonderful.

Something to consider with younger babies is the time of year. During cooler months, I highly recommend an indoor portrait session. Otherwise, your baby will be so bundled up, that we won’t be able to capture all of those sweet details and delicate moments.

If you are still feeling unsure when to have portraits taken, let’s chat. We can talk about your baby and your goals for the photos. Then we can get your family scheduled.

Dive into more wonderful resources to help you have gorgeous and laid-back photo sessions with your baby. Grab my Milestone Photo Tips to help you take those monthly photos of your baby’s 1st year.