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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

One question I get asked often is what lens I used for a particular photo. Another question is what gear I use for my photos. So I thought I would share here what’s in my camera bag! * (This post has been updated as I have switched to mirrorless. See the article here.)

My camera bag is by Peak Design.

I will start first, with my actual camera bag. A year ago, I decided it was time to get a new camera bag, one that fit my style of photography, one that was durable, and one that didn’t scream “I’m a camera bag.” I did a TON of research, I asked friends on forums, and I watched videos on people using camera bags to get an idea of which bag to get. (As you can see, I’m super cool in how I use my spare time!) I decided on the Peak Design Everyday Messenger.

I am happy to report that my research paid off and I LOVE my camera bag. It is comfortable to shoot with and comfortable for taking around on day trips with the family. It is super durable and I don’t have to worry when I set it down on location outside. And I can also say that the customer service at Peak Design is wonderful. They accidentally sent me the 13″ size when I ordered the 15″ and they were so speedy in making sure I got the right bag.

The actual camera gear in my bag is minimal.

Okay, onto my gear. What is actually in this camera bag I love? First my camera. I have the Canon Mark iv 5D camera body. The mirrorless systems have caught my eye, however, my camera is like an extension of my body, I am comfortable with it and it still works wonderfully for me.

I only have 3 lenses in my camera bag. I shoot prime lenses (which means it is a fixed focal length, if I want to get closer or further away I must move my body) only because I love the lower aperture and crisp images they create. My first, and most used for personal and newborn work, is the Sigma Art 35mm F1.4 lens. The following couple images were all taken with my 35mm lens.

Snoqualmie newborn photographer Neyssa Lee Photography father and son Sigma Art 35mm lens Whats in my camera bag
Snoqualmie family photographer Neyssa Lee Photography girls with dog during storm Sigma Art 35mm lens Whats in my camera bag

The next lens in my bag is my Canon 50mm F1.2 lens. I admit, this lens doesn’t get as much work as the other two lenses in my camera bag. However, I’ve recently been using it more and reminded how much I love this focal length. It’s the only lens I use for school portraits, a favorite for trips to the park with the kids, and is a great lens for family portraits. The following few images were all taken using my 50mm lens.

Snoqualmie Family photographer Neyssa Lee photography Kids with truck on the beach 50mm lens what's in my camera bag
Snoqualmie Family photographer Neyssa Lee photography family of four playing games in beautiful light 50mm lens what's in my camera bag

My last, and favorite lens, is my Canon 135mm F2.0 lens. This lens allows me to get back and let moments unfold while providing such beautifully compressed bokeh. Here are a few images taken with the 135mm lens.

Snoqualmie maternity photographer Neyssa Lee Photography expectant mom and dad 135mm lens what's in my camera bag

Besides a chapstick, extra CF cards and a camera battery, that’s all I keep in my camera bag!

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