Top Tips for Outdoor Fall Family Photo Outfits

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Fall in Seattle is so beautiful. As a family photographer, this is one of my favorite times of year. There are plenty of opportunities to bundle up in warm layers, lots of gorgeous colors in the leaves, and let’s not forget all of those yummy fall foods (hello soup!). It is also a favorite time for families to have their portrait session. There are a few things that will help you have smoother sessions, one being in what you wear. I’m sharing my top tips for outdoor fall family photo outfits.

This article is not to convince you of how great fall is, but to help you make the most of your family photo session. The cooler and unpredictable weather of fall can make family photos tricky, however, it also means plenty of opportunity for some great accessories. These accessories can help add to your photos while still feeling natural.

Family dressed for fall photos in the greater Seattle area

Layer up with scarves, beanies and/or mittens to keep you warm and add dimension to your outdoor fall family photos.

Using a scarf or beanie is an easy way to add a touch of color or even tie in outfits together without feeling like you are going overboard in matching. As an added bonus, it keeps you and the kids warm. And warm kids are happy kids who last longer for family photos in the cool, fall air!

Father playfully tossing daughter in the air during Seattle fall family portrait session

Rain boots are the perfect fall accessory.

Nothing feels more Pacific Northwest than a pair of Hunter rain boots, right?! Embrace the elements, keep feet dry, and even enjoy some puddle splashing during your family session. This is another way to add a pop of color as well.

TIP: An extra tip here is to avoid prints and ensure that your rain boots coordinate with your family’s outfits. The last thing you want is a pair of neon green and pink floral boots to be the main distraction in your gallery. Notice in this photo how the little girl’s yellow boots add a pop of color but don’t detract from the overall family photo.

If it may sprinkle during your session, grab a clear umbrella!

Again, embrace the elements if it’s going to sprinkle and grab a clear umbrella. This can keep you dry while providing plenty of entertainment for the littles to play with. Because it is clear, the umbrella still lets in light nicely, and can blend in with any family outfits.

toddler girl in moms arms with golden sunlight behind them for what to wear for fall portraits in Seattle

BONUS TIP: Only bring coats or vests that you want to be worn as your outdoor fall family photo outfits.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember that last fall I made several mistakes for my own family session, including not properly preparing for the extra chilly morning. My girls were freezing and had we brought coats they may have been more excited about being outside in the cold.

If you, or your kids, are cold, it will show on camera. And even more so, kids are much less likely to just “embrace the cold” and have fun. Layering your kids up is a great way to ensure warm kids (including using scarves, beanies or mittens as mentioned above).

There are times that call for coats, though, and thinking that you can just put a coat on “in-between” shots and have them take it off rarely goes over well. So if you are bringing coats make sure you are okay if they are in your outdoor fall family photos, because once on, my guess is they won’t be coming off. And don’t worry, plenty of coats are adorable, photograph well, and work beautifully for fall family photos in the Seattle area.

As you prepare for your family photo session this year, I hope that you find these accessory suggestions helpful. Of course, any families who are booked with me receive guidance for what to wear, including specific outfit feedback on any photos sent to me!

Discover more tips on having a smooth and relaxed family photo session below.

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