Golden hour maternity portraits outdoors

The Best Time of Day to Take Maternity Pictures

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Pregnancy is a special time, full of excitement and anticipation before having a newborn baby. Even though it can feel long, pregnancy is a blip in our motherhood journey. Documenting it with maternity photographs is a beautiful way to capture the story of your family from the beginning. Finding the best time of day to take pictures is more than a technical choice—it’s about embracing the light that best reflects the beauty and emotion of your maternity experience.

best time of day for maternity pictures in Seattle with a family of five

Golden Hour: Embracing the Best Time of Day to Take Pictures

The revered Golden Hour, the time 1-2 hours before the sun sets, is undeniably the best time to take pictures. This period offers a soft, golden glow that complements the maternal silhouette, providing a serene backdrop for your maternity portraits.

Not only does Golden Hour offer a beautiful backlight for your maternity pictures, it also provides the most flattering and best-looking light for you.

Pro tip: I use to help me determine the best general start time. Then I use my own experience and location knowledge to fine-tune it.

Young girl hugging mom's baby bump during  outdoor maternity portrait session

How Location Influences the Best Time of Day to Take Photos

Not all landscapes are created equal when it comes to photography. Depending on where we choose to have your session, the best time to take pictures can shift. Locations with open spaces may bask in the full beauty of Golden Hour, while wooded areas with dappled light might allow for flexibility in our session start time.

Typically, the closer we are to Seattle, the closer to that 1 hour before sunset we would need to start. However, head to the Snoqualmie Valley or the mountains, and you’ll need to start earlier. Of course, as a Seattle maternity and newborn photographer, I’m here to help you know the best time to start based on the location we select.

Best time for maternity pictures outdoors with family of five

Seasonal Shifts: Timing Your Session Right

Each season adds its own flair to the best time to take pictures. The longer days of spring and summer offer a later Golden Hour, perfect for those warm, sunlit sessions, while fall and winter bring the glow earlier, adding a cozy charm to your maternity photos.

Of course, the best time during your pregnancy for maternity pictures is around weeks 32-36, you can’t choose which season to have your photos in. You can learn more about the best time in pregnancy for maternity pictures.

Once again, should the best time to take photos for your family need to be earlier, we can select an appropriate location as mentioned above.

Cloudy Days: Finding the Best Time for Softened Light

The year in Seattle is full of grey and cloudy days. It may seem easier to shoot mid-day without a sun. However, the sun is still there behind all of those clouds. The best time of day to take pictures outdoors will still be near Golden Hour.

Maternity pictures inspiration for a big family, family of 5

Sunrise Sessions: The Early Best Time of Day to Take Maternity Pictures

When the evening isn’t an option, the quiet hours of sunrise present a beautiful alternative for maternity photo sessions. It’s a time when the world is quiet, and the early light can capture the calm anticipation of motherhood’s new dawn.

The best time of day for morning pictures will be the opposite of the evening. You’ll want to start at sunrise, ending an hour after the sun rises.

Golden hour maternity portraits outdoors

Identifying the best time of day to take pictures is a critical step in documenting your maternity journey beautifully. Whether it’s the golden hues of evening or the soft light of morning, we will find the perfect moment to capture your story in its most authentic and beautiful light.

To book your Seattle area maternity photo session, contact me. Head to my maternity portfolio to get a feel for how using the best time to take pictures leads to gorgeous maternity photos.

Love to take a peek at some of my favorite Seattle area locations? Visit my YouTube Channel for more inspiration.