Maternity portraits or a couple at an outdoor North Bend, WA photo session

Maternity Portraits: Capturing Pregnancy’s Magic

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The anticipation and excitement of pregnancy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, yet it’s astonishingly transient. Maternity portraits capture this short but significant period with grace and sentimentality. If you’re on the fence about booking a session, let’s delve into why skipping maternity portraits is a choice many parents come to regret.

Maternity portraits or a couple at an outdoor North Bend, WA photo session

The Irreplaceable Value of Maternity Portraits

Pregnancy brings many changes to your body, and it’s natural to feel apprehensive about stepping in front of the camera. After the second trimester with each of my 6 babies, I felt less beautiful and more like a whale. However, maternity portraits are about capturing the essence of your remarkable journey—the love, the growth, and the intimate bond that only exists in these few months. They’re a testament to the life within, a celebration of potential, and a reminder of the strength and beauty you possess right now.

I may sound biased as a Seattle photographer, however, I have had 6 babies and 6 maternity photo sessions. As the pregnancy chapter is closed for my family, I look back fondly at those maternity portraits. I see how beautiful I was, and what a gift it was to carry each and every child.

Pregnancy picture of woman by the river in the Snoqualmie Valley

The Case for Maternity Portrait

Maternity portraits are more than just photographs; they’re a pause button on one of life’s most transformative phases. As a maternity photographer, I’ve witnessed countless mothers who are grateful for choosing to document these months, as the opportunity is fleeting and there’s no second chance to revisit this incredible time in your life.

Even those who have experienced pregnancy loss (myself included), the ability to celebrate and document their rainbow baby is beyond special.

Your Child’s First Story

Long before your baby begins to flip through the pages of their favorite book, they will be fascinated by their very first story—where they began. Maternity portraits offer a glimpse into their life inside the womb, seeding the roots of family connection and belonging that will flourish for years to come.

Whether they are your first or your 4th, seeing themselves in mommy’s tummy is unique and special for them. Maternity portraits are a gift to them.

Maternity portrait of woman in orange dress on a trail in North Bend, Wa

‘Later’ May Be Too Late

Procrastination is the thief of time, especially when it comes to documenting your pregnancy. Waiting for the elusive ‘perfect moment’ can mean missing the chance altogether. The reality is, the perfect time for maternity portraits is now—the time when life is waiting to burst forth.

Even more, you may think you’ll wait and document your family later when you’re feeling more “photo ready”. There will be time for that. However, once your baby is born, it will be too late to capture this fleeting time. It sounds obvious, yet let the finality of that sink in. Once again, I have never had someone regret having portraits taken. I have heard many say, “I wish I would’ve had photos taken.”

Seeing Their Beginnings: Why Kids Cherish Maternity Portraits

There’s a unique magic in a child’s eyes when they see themselves in the curve of your belly in a maternity portrait. It’s a conversation starter, a story of their beginning, and a memory that brings families closer.

Kids love flipping through pictures of themselves. Even at a young age, my children have loved seeing themselves. As they grow, they appreciate seeing “baby them” and even more in my tummy. I believe that kids understand the magic and miracle it is that their mom can grow them from scratch.

Combining Maternity Portraits with Newborn Sessions: The Complete Story

By booking a newborn session with Neyssa Lee Photography, you have the unique opportunity to add on a mini maternity portrait session. This pairing is perfect for creating a cohesive story from the quiet expectancy of pregnancy to the arrival of your newborn.

When you book a newborn session, you can easily add a mini maternity session to ensure your baby is photographed and documented from pregnancy through those first weeks. See what a mother and client shared about being able to book book the maternity and newborn portrait sessions.

I always knew that newborn photos were a must for our family. Maternity photos, on the other hand, were just a dream. They were something I envisioned and very much wanted but I also knew it was another expense.  That all changed when I came across Neyssa’s photography business which included an affordable lifestyle maternity and newborn session bundle (with an album included)! You mean I COULD have both?! The decision was easy and my dream of having both experiences quickly turned into a reality. I knew it would be so special to build conversations with our daughter around photos of being in mama’s belly to then seeing herself in our home at just a few days old

Couple dancing together in a field in the Snoqualmie Valley during a photo session

Maternity Portraits: Celebrating the Journey to Motherhood

Choosing to invest in maternity portraits is choosing to honor the incredible journey to motherhood. Each session is an opportunity to document the love, hope, and anticipation that fills this short but meaningful period.

The case for maternity portraits is clear—they’re a celebration, a remembrance, and a deeply personal narrative of this pivotal moment in your life. As you anticipate the arrival of your newest family member, consider how maternity portraits will not only add to your family’s legacy but also stand as a reminder of the time when you carried a miracle within. Let’s create a collection of maternity portraits that you and your family will treasure for generations to come.

Ready to start planning? How about thinking about locations? Watch my YouTube video and discover a favorite location for Seattle area, outdoor maternity portraits.