The Best Camera Lens for Everyday Use

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What is the best camera lens for everyday use?

Being a Seattle area photographer I get plenty of questions about camera gear. (Don’t worry if you’ve asked me. I LOVE when people ask me for camera recommendations, as it usually means they want to take photos. And wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone was taking more beautiful pictures? But I digress).

What camera should I buy? Which lenses are good ones? What’s your favorite camera strap? What is the best camera lens for everyday use?

When talking about which lens is the “best” there are so many questions I’d have to ask you my opinion. What do you like to photograph? What type of camera body do you have? Do you have a budget? The list goes on.

I thought I would share the best camera lens for everyday use.

If you were looking to upgrade your camera lens from the kit lens, I’d recommend the 35mm lens as the best camera lens for everyday use.

There are several options, you can either go with your manufacturer (i.e. Canon, Nikon, etc) or you can go with another company like Sigma. I chose Sigma for this lens because, at the time, I did not think I’d be using it as often as my other lenses. The Sigma version was $600 less than the Canon and had great reviews. I’m happy to report that I LOVE my lens.

girls in red polka dot dresses like Minnie Mouse meeting Minnie in Disneyland, best lens 35mm lens

This camera lens is on my camera when I’m just with my family 85% of the time.

One reason this is the best camera lens for every day is that the 35mm focal length is a great all-around focal length. I’m able to use it so much for my personal use and for family and newborn portrait sessions as well.

big sister holding newborn baby sister

The 35mm lens is great for indoor photography around the house.

I use this lens exclusively for newborn portraits. However, I also use this camera lens basically every day to capture my kids playing, baking, reading, snuggling, etc. I’m able to get fairly close or back up for a wider scene.

Another reason this is the best camera lens for everyday use is that the 35mm lens is also great for outdoor adventures.

My family loves to go for little hikes or just take trips to the river. When I bring my “big camera,” or DSLR, but I do not want to bring my full camera bag, I will snap on the 35. I can get wider shots that show off the location while also being able to capture images closer up without having to back up very far.

If we were at the zoo, pumpkin patch, or some other place where other people might be, this lens is great for me capturing my kids without having to leave their sides. Being that I can go from an indoor adventure to outdoors, makes it a big reason this is the best camera lens for everyday use.

So if you’re looking for the best camera lens for everyday use, I highly recommend the Sigma 35mm lens (double-check that you’re getting the correct mount for your camera body).

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