5 Photo Tips for Fall

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Take better photos with these 5 simple fall photo tips.

The colors are so gorgeous that you might be tempted to take out your own camera (or smartphone) to capture your kids taking advantage of the season.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of my most favorite 5 photo tips for fall!

fall photo tip example of subject away from the background

Fall Photo Tip #1: Move your subject away from the background.

It is easy to think that you want that fall color so you will have your child stand right next to the tree with the beautiful orange leaves. However, enhance your photo by adding depth and pull them out from the tree. Let the tree be in the distant background.

Without getting too technical, things closer together will be in focus while the further things are from what you are focusing on (like your child) the more blurry it will be.

So, in the case of our kids near a beautiful tree, having them stand away from it will give you a blurry background of gorgeous color!

Seattle fall family photos at Lake Sammamish State Park

Fall Photo Tip #2: Set your camera to continuous shooting mode.

When kids are playing in leaves they are fast. Using continuous shooting mode (or burst mode on your phone) will allow you to capture several frames back to back. This will help you capture that perfect moment as the leaves are falling, they are running, or dad is tossing them in the air!

Shoot in the evening for beautiful warm light.

There is a reason that I shoot family photo sessions in the evening. When the sun is low, the light is beautiful. Add in warm fall colors and you have magic.

My own family loves to go for an evening walk before dinner in the fall to see all of the color. Or we will play in the park one more time before getting snuggled up for the night. I always bring my camera along to capture the fall colors and beautiful light.

This fall photo tip is about making magical photos with that luscious golden hourlight.

Let them throw leaves.

I know, I know. We love a good photo of our kids smiling at the camera. But do you want to know the number 1 reason my kids don’t run whenever I bring out the camera? I don’t ask them to perform for me. I don’t make them stand and smile. (Should we call that another photo tip to add to our fall photo tips?)

Instead, I encourage them to play. Throw leaves. Twirl. Dance, just play in the leaves. The joy on their faces (and the falling leaves) make for pretty fun fall photos.

Fall Photo Tip#5: Get in on the action.

This fall photo tip is about getting in on the fun of fall. Snap some photos of your hubby tossing leaves with the kids, or racing across the pile of leaves. Or hand your camera off to your husband, grab your child’s hand and dance together. Not only will you love that you’re included too, but your kids will remember that mom danced in the leaves with them.

Now that you have these fall photo tips, you’re ready. Grab your camera, and your fun spirit and head out in search of beautiful fall color!

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