Gold Creek pond Maternity Photos in Summer of a family of three

Seattle’s Best Locations for Summer Maternity Photos

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As Seattle basks in the glory of summer, it becomes the perfect setting for capturing your maternity portraits. As a Seattle maternity photographer , I’m here to help you select the right type of location for your session. The diverse landscapes and vibrant nature of the Pacific Northwest offer plenty of stunning locations for summer maternity photos. This guide highlights the best spots around the greater Seattle area. Further, it ensures your maternity portraits beautifully reflect the anticipation of your growing family.

Maternity portrait of mother at Edmonds Beach, Brackett's Landing North Maternity Photos

The Beach: Iconic Backdrops for Summer Maternity Portraits

Seattle’s beaches shine in the summer, offering iconic backdrops for your maternity photos. With the Olympic Mountains on the horizon and ferries cruising by, these shores provide dynamic scenes for your portraits. Each location presents an opportunity to capture your pregnancy glow against the beauty of the PNW in your summer maternity portraits.

Summer maternity photo in North Bend, Wa

The River: Natural Beauty in Summer Maternity Photos

A river setting brings a touch of wilderness to your summer maternity photos. For instance, the Snoqualmie River, with its clear, flowing waters and rocky beaches, framed by lush evergreens, offers a quintessential PNW backdrop. Clients adore maternity portrait sessions at the river. These offer a variety, all while being quieter than the Seattle locations. The diversity of landscapes around these rivers—from serene trails to vibrant greenery—ensures a variety of stunning scenes for capturing the natural beauty of your maternity journey.

Maternity photos in summer of mother, little girl and father in North Bend, Wa

The Park: Lush Settings for Maternity Portraits

Seattle’s parks transform into lush havens in summer, perfect for relaxed and intimate maternity portraits. Whether you’re drawn to Discovery Park or love Lake Sammamish State Park, these green spaces allow for a natural and joyful expression of your family’s anticipation. The parks’ combination of meadows, forests, and lakes offers a soft, natural setting for your summer maternity photos.

Gold Creek pond Maternity Photos in Summer of a family of three

The Mountains: Dramatic Summer Maternity Portraits

For those willing to venture outside the city, the mountains provide a gorgeous backdrop for summer maternity portraits. Plus, the wildflowers and serene water features on Snoqualmie Pass during summer months are unmatched in their beauty. These locations offer a stunning setting for showcasing the strength and beauty of expecting mothers against the PNW landscape, making for truly memorable summer maternity photos.

Couple for maternity portraits with wildflowers on Snoqualmie Pass

Capture Your Summer Glow in Seattle

Seattle’s diverse landscapes offer countless opportunities for beautiful summer maternity photos. Whether you prefer the calm of the beach, the wilderness of the river, the lushness of the parks, or the majesty of the mountains, there’s a perfect spot for every expecting mother to capture this special time. Remember, the best maternity portraits are those that reflect your personal story and connection to the beautiful PNW outdoors. As you plan your summer maternity photo session, let these locations inspire you to capture the love, anticipation, and joy of your growing family.

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