Newborn Photos with Siblings

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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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What do newborn photos look like with siblings?

As a Seattle photographer, I photograph families of all sizes.

Let me introduce you to this next family. When this mama contacted me she told me she was welcoming her fourth child and wanted family photos to celebrate.

I admit I was a little giddy reading her email. Four kids?! That’s my kind of family! I mean, I have six kids myself, so I get the big family vibe! Then after emailing back and forth setting up the details, I really could not wait to officially meet and photograph this family. (To top it off, she asked if they could include their dog, Hedwig. A dog with a Harry Potter name? Oh man, it just kept getting better and better).

Their newborn photos with siblings did not disappoint. Life with a big family is chaotic, yet often means parents are more relaxed. And this mom and dad were super relaxed and welcoming. It was like spending the morning with old friends.

So how does a newborn session go when you have more than just baby to document? The flow is still very similar to a regular newborn session.

Photo of family of 6 cuddled on couch together

I begin the newborn session with the ENTIRE family, pets included.

After a short tour to decide on the space with the best natural light, everyone will snuggle together for an entire family photo. Of course, your pets are welcome to join in, and usually don’t want to be left out (Hedwig sure didn’t!).

Newborn photos with siblings can feel a bit crazy as you wrangle a baby and a toddler. However, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve. Parents can simply love into their children, and I will offer prompts for connection and engagment with each other.

The results? Newborn photos with siblings you’ll cherish forever.

Bernese Mountain Dog with family in background

Another thing we do for newborn photos with siblings is take feeding and snack breaks for those who need it.

As baby takes a little break to nurse, I can focus on the older children, capturing portraits of them together or individually. And when they need a snack, I can focus on just baby or baby with mom and dad.

There is no set flow or shot list I have to go down. Instead, your family’s needs guide the flow. This allows for a more relaxed newborn photo session. It means when I leave your kids won’t think that was the worst two hours of their life. (In fact, usually, kids aren’t ready to be done and still showing me all of their favorite treasures around the house).

Three Siblings holding newborn baby brother during Snoqualmie Valley newborn photo session

When you’re welcoming your fourth (or third, or fifth) child, your newborn session is not just about your new baby. Of course we document all of those little details, but the focus is on your entire family dynamic. I know how important each of your children are to you and we will capture them all, not just your new baby. (Scroll the images below to see more from this family of 6’s newborn photo session).

 Lifestyle newborn photo of parents snuggling newborn baby boy
Newborn Photos for Your Fourth Child, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Snoqualmie newborn photography,  Photo of sleeping newborn baby boy

Are you expecting baby and looking for newborn photos with siblings that capture the entire family? Contact me to discuss your family and getting your newborn session on the calendar.

Find inspiration and tips to help you prepare for a newborn photo session on the Newborn Photography Resource page!

Snoqualmie newborn photography of newborn in mom's arms
family of six on couch as oldest brother loves on baby brother during Snoqualmie newborn photo session
photo of newborn feet in dad's hands
Photo of mom and dad smiling with newborn baby
Newborn Photos for Your Fourth Child, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Snoqualmie newborn photography,  photo of sleeping newborn baby
 Lifestyle newborn photos with siblings sitting on a log holding baby brother
Newborn Photos for Your Fourth Child, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Snoqualmie newborn photography,
Newborn Photos for Your Fourth Child, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Snoqualmie newborn photography,  Outdoor family photo with newborn baby