Mom with newborn baby, dog and coffee in her lap

Is an in home newborn photo session right for your first baby?

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In home newborn photo session, Baby looking at the camera

One of most challenging parts of selecting a newborn photographer for your first baby is deciding if you want a studio session or an in home newborn photo session.

While I cannot offer any insight into a studio session, as a Seattle area newborn photographer and a mother of six, I have four top reasons an in home newborn photo session is something your family will love for your first baby.

With the session in your home, you can relax not having to spend the morning stressing and packing to leave the house.

I remember the first time my husband and I left the house with our first son for his 2 day old check up. It took us two hours and we had so many things, from tons of diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, a nursing cover, a bottle of pumped milk just in case (because I wasn’t comfortable nursing in public yet), the list goes on.

Imagine trying to get all of that ready to go while also getting ready for photos. With an in home newborn photo session, I come to your home. Where you will have everything you’ll need no matter what happens.

Family with newborn baby and two little dogs

An in home newborn photo session captures the home you brought your baby home to.

The home your bring your first baby home to is most likely not your “forever home.” However, the home (or apartment, or condo) you bring your first baby home to will always have a special place in your heart. When you have your photos in your home you will have beautiful photographs of the spaces you lived life as a new family of three.

Concerned about cramped space? I only need one window. I can capture your family beautifully together on the couch or master bed. We don’t need a giant space for you to snuggle together.

Mom with newborn baby, dog and coffee in her lap

Your original baby, or your “fur” baby can easily be included when you have photos done in your home.

Your dog (or cat) is family, too. Before baby, they were the center of attention. During your in-home newborn photo session your pup cam come and go as he needs. He is welcome, and encouraged to join. He is also more comfortable because the space is his own home.

collage of newborn baby on master bed

Another reason to love newborn photos in your home is that they capture YOUR family’s vibe.

Whether you love neutrals or deep, dark blues, the session will capture your family’s personality. Your home and your style will choose the color palate and the feel of your session.

Whether you choose a plain white onesie, a well fitting romper, or a sweet gown and swaddle it will reflect your style.

The decision for which type of session you want for your first baby can be simple. Consider the experience and the end result, aka the look and feel of the photos, you want to document your baby’s newborn days. If you are looking for a laid back experience that captures your family, including the fur baby & grandparents, then an in home newborn photo session is right for you.

Would you like to get a better feel for what in home newborn photo sessions offer? Get a feel for this style of newborn photography or start planning what to wear for your newborn photo session.

Convinced and ready to book a session with me? Wonderful. Contact me and we can get your due date on my calendar.

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newborn baby toes on bed during an in home newborn photo session
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Newborn baby on changing pad
parents admiring newborn baby during Seattle newborn photo session