Is a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session Right for My Family?

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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Being in business for over a decade as a Seattle newborn photographer means I’ve heard many concerns, excuses and questions from moms about having their newborn baby photographed. Many love the look and idea of lifestyle newborn photography. Yet, they are unsure if it is right for their family.

I’m answering my most commons questions and concerns about lifestyle newborn photography sessions from moms just like you. After reading through these questions you can feel confident in your choice of how to have your baby photographed.

Lifestyle newborn photography session photo of baby in mom's arms

The idea that your home isn’t beautiful enough, designed enough, pulled together enough, bright enough, magazine cover worthy concerns many moms who reach out about newborn photos.

Wouldn’t we all love our homes to look like Chip and Jojo designed and decorated our homes? I know I would!

But the reality is, it doesn’t matter what your home looks like. I am not coming to photograph your home, I’m coming to document your family in the place you call home.  I am not looking for the prettiest place in your home. I’m looking for the space with the most natural window light. There we can highlight your beautiful baby, your family, your love, your connections, your joy, your new life with a new family member.

Photo of labradoodle snuggled in dads lap with family nearby by Snoqualmie photographer

Another concern is “I’m not sure I can get my house clean enough for photos.”

I do not expect your home to be spotless . You just had a baby and are working on a few hours of sleep at a time. I have six kids. I’ve been in the newborn stage several times. I know how quickly things can pile up. How easy it is to keep supplies for diaper changing and nursing all over the house. 

Again, a lifestyle newborn photography session isn’t about photographing your home. I’m photographing your family in your home. Those are two different things. I can move any piles of diapers, water bottles, snacks out of my frame. We’ve all done it for an Instagram post. This is similar.

Issaquah photography, Photo of  newborn baby with hands by his face

 Next on the mom’s concern about newborn photography sessions is “What if my house isn’t bright and airy?”

This is similar to the concern that your home isn’t professionally decorated, but still needs to be addressed. This has a two-part answer.

First, I only need one window to provide enough light for a lifestyle newborn photography session. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and never had I had a newborn I couldn’t document because the house was too dark. 

Second, if your home’s style is dark and rich tones that is okay. That will photograph beautifully as well. I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but the goal is to photograph your family where you do live, where you are comfortable, where you brought your babies home. Whether your home decor style is bright and light or dark and earthy lifestyle newborn photography will work perfectly.

 Lifestyle newborn photo of baby on master bed

Another relatable concern is, “What if I’m not sure I will be comfortable in photos? I mean I will have just had a baby.”

As a mother of six, I understand the struggle of feeling comfortable and beautiful in my own skin after giving birth. I know our bodies don’t go right back to pre-pregnancy weight. That’s why I help you choose something to wear that is forgiving and flattering. I also use angles and light and guide you into poses that not only are comfortable for you, but are most flattering as well. 

Another gentle reminder about lifestyle newborn photography is that I’m there to photography your baby, your family, not your body. The goal of my work is to make you feel something. To have the focus not on what you looked like, but what your family’s love feels like. The only thing we will focus on for size, will be your baby’s tiny size.

Wide angle photo of mom sitting in nursery with baby by Snoqualmie photographer

“What if I do not want to be in every picture and I want photos of just my baby, too?”

Just because it is a lifestyle session does not mean you are in every frame. Lifestyle newborn photography provide you with plenty of variety within your gallery. You will receive photos of the entire family, just baby, baby and any siblings, mom and baby, dad and baby, plus all those sweet newborn details.

I should add that should your baby prefer to be held and not laid down alone, there are plenty of positions that feature only baby while he is safely snuggled in your arms.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography  Session Photo from above of newborn baby in dads lap

“Will you bring props for our newborn photos?”

As you peek through my newborn portfolio notice how there are no props in any of those baby photos.

I don’t not bring anything except my camera and myself to your lifestyle newborn photography session (and a fresh pair of socks). I feel that babies are most beautiful as they unfold naturally on your bed, or as they curl up in your arms. Nothing unnatural and possibly unsafe is needed to photograph your baby. I approach each session with baby’s needs, comfort, and safety in mind – and that means letting him or her be held as much as they wants. 

Prior to your session you will receive guidance on ideas from what to wear for everyone in the family. This includes ideas for selecting swaddles that photograph beautifully. A swaddle, your bed, and your baby is all you need for beautiful photos that show off your sweet new babe. For a deeper look head to What Do I Need for My in Home Newborn Photos?

 Photo of mom with baby in nursery  by Seattle Photographer

“Is a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session right for my family?”

All of the above concerns point to the fact that yes, a newborn session is right for your family. If you love the style of photos, if you prefer the look and feel, of not having to pack up your family to travel to a studio, of the flexibility if having photos in your home, then I believe a lifestyle newborn photo session is right for your family.

Now that you’re feeling more confident, you can book a newborn photo session. Complete the contact form, include your due date, to start the process!

Want to learn more about lifestyle newborn photography? I have created a plethora of blog articles just for you.

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session Right for my family, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Newborn Photographer, Issaquah photography, Photo of family of four sitting on master bed
Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session Right for my family, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Newborn Photographer, Issaquah photography, Photo of preschool aged girl with family in the background
beautiful baby Photo of newborn in dads arms by snoqualmie photographer