Full page spread from baby photo album from Seattle newborn photo session

How Your Baby’s Photo Album is Designed

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As a Seattle area newborn photographer, my approach to your baby’s session is laid back. Baby and mama’s needs guide the flow of the session. However, my approach to how I design your baby’s photo album is intentional and thought out.

The flow of your baby’s photo album is meant to bring you right back to those newborn days. Just like your gallery of images, your album will make you feel everything you were feeling that day. As you flip through pages you see a story of your family in those early days with baby, unfold.

So how do I design your baby’s photo album?

Before I get into exactly how, I want to share an important detail. In album design two pages together is called a spread. So as a book is open flat, the photos “spread” across the album. This photos featured in this article show full spreads.

Okay, now we are ready to jump into the design process.

The first few pages are dedicated to photos from your maternity session.

Most families who book a newborn session also book the mini maternity session. If this is the case, I include a spread of photos in baby’s photo album. This allows baby’s story to start with your pregnancy.

I’m a mom of 6, and all of my kids have loved seeing photos of themselves when they were in my tummy. Including the maternity photos helps paint a fuller picture of this time for your family.

Of course, you can always decide to not include photos from your maternity session in your baby’s photo album, you can have it entirely dedicated to the newborn session.

Baby's photo album spread of baby with family during Seattle newborn photography session
A spread in baby’s photo album that highlight’s your family

Next, I will include a spread of the entire family in baby’s photo album.

You brought baby home and your family changed. Whether baby is your first or your sixth, the entire family photos help show what your family looked like together. These are the most formal photos of the entire newborn photo session, yet they still show personality, connection, and love.

This spread will include a photo that clearly shows baby’s face, usually snuggled up in a parent’s arms.

Parent's with newborn during Seattle photography session
A baby’s photo album spread featuring mom, dad, and newborn baby girl

Then I move on to feature baby in the next spread.

In this spread of your baby’s photo album baby is still in your arms. The entire family may even be present. However, the photos are closer in showing baby’s face as the primary focus.

These photos are often family favorites from their newborn session as they highlight their baby surrounded by those who loves them.

Full page baby's photo album spread of baby with mom and dad's hands on her

Your baby’s photo album will include 1 or 2 full image spreads.

A full page spread gives your baby’s photo album a little pop. As you turn the page to see one larger photo across both pages, the feel is more intense. You are brought right into your album.

Depending on the flow and the collection of your images, I will have at least one full page spread. Some sessions lend to two. Though, often more photos are wanted to be included into the album and sacrificing a full page is not the best option. When two full page spreads are included in the design of your baby’s photo album, one spread will be baby focus and another will be either the entire family or one of the sibling images.

Photos of toddler boy with newborn sister during Seattle photography session
A baby’s photo album spread including big brother holding baby sister.

Speaking of siblings, the next spread includes any siblings with baby.

Depending on the age of the older siblings, parents may still be present in the photos in this spread. However, the focus is on the kids together.

This is another favorite spreads for parents. It is also one of my favorites to design. Each set of siblings is unique and your gallery of photographs will show that. As I worked with your child, or children, to explore baby, the resulting images will be treasures for your family.

If this is your first baby, your baby’s photo album would simply include more detail photos of baby’s or separated spreads of each parent with baby. Which leads me to the next part in the album design!

Two pages from Baby's photo album focusing on newborn baby during Seattle newborn photography session
A baby’s photo album spread focusing on baby and her details and features

About halfway through your baby’s photo album is a spread featuring all of baby and the tiny features and details.

When you think of a newborn baby, tiny fingers and toes probably comes to mind. This spread is all about showing your baby’s details. Often we will use the master bed to show off baby’s tiny size.

The photos include baby’s face, fingers, feet. Baby may have been awake or asleep, either way, this spread will be telling of those newborn days with baby. Other photos that may be included if available would be the belly button (or umbilical stump), and a hair shot (if baby had any).

Full page spread from baby's photo album designed by Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee
This spread focuses on each parent with baby and big brother

Next the focus is on baby with each parent.

This is the time in baby’s photo album where each parent gets some one-on-one time with baby. We highlight how dad snuggled baby, or how baby melted into mom’s arms. It is also the time where each parent has photos with all the kids together.

Again, depending on the gallery of images, this may be a spread with the most photos. It may also be split into two spreads, giving each parent their own spread with the kids.

Four photos featuring grandma with grandkids during Seattle area newborn session
This spread from baby’s photo album features grandma, too!

Any grandparents who were present at your newborn photo session are next in the photo album.

When we welcome a baby, often family comes to visit. They come to help out, meet baby, and spend time helping you adjust to life with a new little one. They are always welcome for your newborn photo session. At one point during the session I will capture grandparents with the grandkids. It is quick, but provides photos everyone will love.

At this point in baby’s photo album is a great time to include that spread with grandma. Typically, we will sneak the entire family in with grandma, too.

Once again, if grandparents were not present, this spread will feature other photos from your session.

Baby's photo album design featuring Christmas newborn for Seattle photography session
The final spread focuses on those can’t miss details like the Christmas tree or baby in the bassinet

The last spread of your baby’s photo album will feature special moments or details.

This spread will be the most unique to each family’s photo session. This is where those extra special details or moments are featured. Maybe there was extra nursery details, or moments in the nursery that need to be included. Maybe it was Christmas time, like the featured session was, and so we show the tree all lit up in the background. This is the place in your baby’s photo album where those can’t leave out photos are included.

There are a few final details about the design.

First, while I have a general flow to the album, your baby’s newborn photo session will determine the final product. Second, each family has a chance to select their favorite images to include in their album. This means, those must haves will be included along with all of the detail shots you adore. If you have a nursery and or pets that are included in your session, they will be included in your album, too.

While 10 spreads (or 20 pages) are included with every newborn session, you are always able to add-on additional spreads to include more of your favorite photos.

Baby's photo album spread of family with newborn baby during Seattle photo session

Now that you see into my process of designing baby’s photo album, you can feel confident you will love the final product. You also can rest assured that I do all of the work for you. I love designing albums, so should you wish to leave it fully up to me, I’m thrilled to do so. Or should you wish to select favorites before I do the design, that is okay, too.

What’s the first step in getting an album for your newborn baby? Booking your session! Get your due date reserved on my calendar by using my contact form.

You can also take a peek at my newborn portfolio, check out my Pinterest page, and even start planning for your session with the Ultimate Newborn Planning Guide.

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