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Can you have fresh 48 photos after a C-section?

After having six babies and documenting more newborns than I can count, I have seen firsthand how every birth is different. My fourth baby had flipped hours before going into labor without my realizing it. I was very surprised to arrive at the hospital and be told I was having a C Section right away.

The recovery from my C-Section was definitely my most difficult birth to recover from, something I was completely blindsided by. (You use your stomach muscles for EVERYTHING!). I had a Fresh 48 photos after a c-section to document my children meeting their baby brother. I am so grateful I did. No, I never left my hospital bed. However, the photos are beautiful and tell of that first meeting. Instead of focusing on capturing my kids I could recover, snuggle my babies, and take the moment fully in.

Why do I tell you this story, that may seem horrible and scary? Because I want you to know that if you book a Fresh 48 session with me I understand the limitations that you may have. I understand that you are full of hormones, recovering from giving birth, and needing to rest. I have been in your shoes and am completely sensitive to both your baby’s safety and your needs.


A Fresh 48 photo session after a C-Section allows you a little more recovery time.

This mama booked a Fresh 48 session with me, knowing she was having a scheduled C-Section. With advance notice, we decided to have her session the morning following her surgery. She was not only feeling a bit better, but she had time to freshen up a bit. The hospital room had one window in the far corner of the room and we moved a chair by the window where the majority of the session took place.

Of course, if you are not feeling up to getting out of bed (trust me, that was me!), that is okay too. I will use light and angles to show off your sweet new baby in your arms without the entire gallery looking like you are in a hospital bed.


Fresh 48 photos allow you to focus on your family while I capture those first meeting moments for you.

We began the session with a few photos of mom, dad, and baby boy. Then big sister arrived and I was able to capture her first impressions as she met her baby brother. As mom moved cautiously and dad assisted their little girl move safely around mom, neither parent had to worry about grabbing their phones to capture their daughter’s excitement. They were both able to be fully present, taking in their new family of four.

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Whether your surgery is scheduled or unplanned, you will not regret having these first moments professionally documented.

It may feel like a blur those first few days, or weeks, after you have a baby. You may feel a little foggy from lack of sleep or pain meds, but the joy, the excitement, and the emotions of just having a baby are worth documenting. I promise to keep you and your baby safe and comfortable all while using angles and light to be flattering for you, creating images you will forever treasure.

Are you expecting? Let’s discuss what a Fresh 48 session can look like for your family whether or not you are having a C-Section.

See more from this sweet family’s Fresh 48 Session that took place one day after a C-Section.

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