Free Resources: Photography Tips for Beginners

Starting your own photography journey? Whether you’re shopping for a new camera or expecting a new baby. I have the free guides to start you on your way. As a Seattle photographer for over a decade, and a mom of 6, I created these free resources. Find photography tips for beginners from how to take those monthly milestone photos, to selecting a camera, and how to get better focus.


Photography Tips for Beginners who want to capture their baby’s 1st year.

Take better monthly milestone photos of your baby

Do you want to take a meaningful and beautiful series of photos to help document your baby’s first year but not sure where to start?

I have put together a free guide for you that walks you through ideas and inspiration for set up, beginner photography tips on how to actually set up for beautiful photos, tips and tricks to photographing each stage of your baby’s 1st year, and product recommendations that I have personally used and love for my own babies milestone photos.

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How Do You Select a Camera?

Wondering which camera is right for you?

If you are in the market for a new camera, you may have found that the options are endless. Save the hassle of researching for hours, and purchase confidently using tips from my free guide.

Inside you will find my top 3 tips when shopping for a DSLR camera, along with a glossary of terms used to cause confusion for the camera shopper. Plus, the gear I recommend for anyone starting out.

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Photography tips for beginners on focus

Photography tips for beginners ready to take their skills up a notch.

Learn how to add depth to your photos by understanding how focus works.

Do you find that the picture in your mind doesn’t match what you captured with your camera? Do you struggle with capturing flat images that don’t stand out? Or do you luck into a great photo but aren’t quite sure how you got it?

It was understanding how focus works and how to make it work for me that I was finally able to get the images I wanted. I’m saving you time by sharing my secrets in a free video module. (In fact, this module is a part of my Photography Basics Course. And I’m just sharing it with you for free).

Get this free video module that walks you through how to add depth to your photos (whether you have a smartphone or a DSLR).