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Reading to your baby from an early age can help foster the love of books. However, with limited attention span and grabby fingers that can tear pages finding the right books can be tricky.

Having 5 children means we have gone through lots of baby books. Here are a few of our favorites (and a couple that we hope to add to our collection soon!)

I will add that many of our Favorite Books for Toddlers are favorites for baby. But in order to offer new books I will share other great options. These books are not in any particular order/ranking.

Favorite Books for Babies, Friday Favorites, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Baby Photographer, Photo of top usborne books for babies

#1 Favorite Book For Baby: That’s Not My…(series) – Usborne

Anything in the “That’s Not My” series are a favorite first book for baby. From kittens, narwhals, angels, trains, and WAY more. There are so many options there is something for everyone. The book begins by saying something like, “That’s Not My Kitten…..It’s tummy is too fluffy.” Then there is a place for baby to feel. It is repetitive, short, with thick pages.

Favorite Books for Babies, Friday Favorites, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Baby Photographer, Photo of top usborne books for babies

#2 Favorite Book for Baby: Don’t Tickle the Hippo – Usborne

I’m not a huge fan of sound books, however, this one isn’t overly loud or annoying. (Plus you are able to turn it off on the back of the book!) Don’t Tickle the Hippo is another touch and feel book, but this time as you touch the hippo it makes a noise as if you’re tickling the animal. All of my kids have loved reading this book with their baby sister. This book is also a part of a series with others like Don’t Tickle the Bear, Don’t Tickle the Dinosaur, and more.

Favorite Books for Babies, Friday Favorites, Neyssa Lee Photography, Seattle Baby Photographer, Photo of top usborne books for older babies

#3 Favorite Book for Babies: Are You There Little Elephant? – Usborne

Are You There Little Elephant is for a little bit older babies to toddlers, but the bright colors, thick pages, and adorable story line of finding the elephant make it a favorite. It also has plenty of finger trails and texture for baby to trace as you read.

And in true Usborne fashion, this is a series with other books like Are You There Little Fox, Are You There Little Unicorn and more.

#4 Favorite Book for Babies: Baby’s First Black and White Library

This set of four tiny board books is great for babies. Baby’s First Black and White Library has great colors with black and white, one words per page and the small size is perfect for their little hands. I will admit that our set has been sucked on a bit by baby, but has still lasted several kids. There is also Baby’s First Little Library set as well.

#5 Favorite Book for Older Babies: Tiny Tots My Little Library

The Tiny Tots My Little Library is on our Christmas wish list for our youngest. These 6 little books are stories written for baby but made to look like “big kid” books. The catch? The pages are tear proof, water proof and washable – perfect for babies/toddlers.

Since Cohen loves to “read” like the big kids but is way to rough, I know she will love these ones.

Favorite Book for Tummy Time: Woodland Tummy Time

Woodland Tummy Time is an adorable book is soft but still can be set up for tummy time. One side features a mirror plus some adorable woodland creatures so that baby may smile at hisself as he works on head control.

Whether you are shopping for your own baby or looking for a baby shower gift I hope you found some ideas and inspiration. Shopping for older kids? We love Usborne Books for all of our kids. Reach out if you’d like some recommendations or head to the link below to browse for yourself.

Please note: This page contains affiliate links. However, these books are ones we have bought or are truly on our wishlist this year. We appreciate your support and spreading the love of Usborne books!

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