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Wondering if your kids are too old (or uninterested) in family photos? There are a million and one reasons why you haven’t stepped in front of the camera altogether, but I assure you, you (and your kids!) are never too old for family photos. It can be so easy when the kids are babies to want to capture every detail and milestone, yet as they get older those “milestones” seem to spread out and maybe even life gets a little busier with sports and school activities. However, I’m here to tell you it is worth making time to have your family photographed right now, this year.

Mom and dad snuggle up with 3 sons on the riverbank

Family photos with older kids is still fun.

Your older kids may protest a little about having family photos done. Don’t let that tame your excitement! They will realize that a photo session is not so bad. Initially these boys weren’t thrilled about having their photos done. In the end, they found themselves saying that it was actually, “kind of fun.”

I guide you when picking a location to somewhere the family can have fun together. Like here, the family threw rocks together in the river (a little friendly competition for who can throw it the furthers maybe?), they explored and played along the trail, and even brought along a soccer ball to show off their family’s favorite pastime.

Photo of kids giving parents a group hug

A great opportunity to capture your older kids’ personalities.

As our time together progresses and your kids let down their guard (because they are having fun), their personalities will start to shine. Those sibling relationships, and special dynamics within your family will come through. You may even get a glimpse of your oldest child looking older, yet showing a little of that young boy all at once.

Photo of boys running down the trail

My approach for family photos with older kids is similar to any other session.

I may not play peek-a-boo with your kids like they are 3, but I will encourage snuggles, tickles, sneak attacks, and maybe even big wet kisses from mom. Classic portraits of each child gives mom plenty of options for photos to hang on your walls and show off to family. I also take time to photograph mom with her kids and dad with his kids.

Portrait of a boy smiling.

The kids “help” take photos of just mom and dad together.

Parenting is hard work. It is wonderful and crazy and a wild journey, so let’s celebrate you. You’re still laughing together, let’s capture that in your family photos. The kids always love it when mom and dad are in the spotlight, they can step aside, or they can make funny faces at you to ensure you’re smiling.

Family of 5 skipping rocks in beautiful light

They will cherish these photos down the line.

While the days are long and schedules stay busy, that time is not forever. Family photos aren’t just for parents; our children will be grateful to have these memories of you together. It is a gift to be able to look back and share the love of that time period.

Photo of kids giving parents a group hug

You will never regret having family photos with your older kids.

It may feel overwhelming trying to pick a date that works for everyone’s busy schedules. It may seem impossible to get your teenager to wear something that coordinates with the family for pictures. Once you flip through your album (the custom 8×8 lay flat album that is included in your session!), you will see YOUR family and smile. That makes all the coordination worth it!

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