What is the Best Age for Children’s Portrait Photography?

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children's portrait photography

Children’s portrait photography is a yearly tradition you will want to start this year for your kids.

We take our children to see Santa each year, even have family photos taken, too, but what about a true classic portrait of our child? Children’s portrait photography sessions are about the simple beauty of a plain backdrop.

Of course our kids have school photos. Yet more often than not, my kid’s expression is forced, cheesy, or confused as they were only given a split second before the photo was taken. Plus, who does that blue background really flatter? (Not to mention they usually over smooth my kids’ skin in a way that makes them look plastic.)

Fine Art Children’s Portraits are simple, classic portraits of your child on a black backdrop. There are no forced smiles or poses. Instead your child will have a relaxed experience where I guide them through questions. I connect with them leading to genuine reactions and smiles. Small details like those little dimples, missing front teeth, or the way they play with their buttons are captured during these portrait sessions.

And even more, sessions are short, lasting no more than 5 minutes per child. (Learn more about what Fine Art Children’s Portraits).

You get portraits of your children that truly capture them and that you are proud to display and give as gifts while the kids enjoy the experience. Win-win.

Best age for Children's Portrait Photography, 4 images of kids

But what age are Fine Art Children’s Portraits best for?

Children’s Portrait Photography can work for any age. However, they are best for children 6 months up to 18 years old.

Ideally your child can sit unassisted for these sessions.

While I have had parents dress in black and be a safe prop up for their children and it work beautifully, the slightly older babies tend to do better. When they can sit unassisted, there’s less focus on keeping parents out of the frame and more on getting adorable, toothless grins.

Photo of baby for children's portrait photography

Know your toddler’s personality.

In order for the children’s portrait photography sessions to run most smoothly, I ask parents to stand around the corner. Trust me, kids do better without mom’s eye.

However, some toddlers are very shy and will not want to stay alone in a new place. Fine Art Portrait Session spots are only 5 minutes and are booked back to back. If you believe your child will need more time, this may not be the best session type for your child this year. (I’d stick with the family photo session where you’re present and involved the entire time!).

Children's Portrait Photography

When does the next event take place?

My Children’s Portrait Photography event takes place every September (trying to take advantage of those fresh hair cuts and new school outfits). They happen just in time for gifts for grandparents for the holidays, too.

Spots are limited and sell out to the newsletter list. To sign up and ensure your spot for the next event head to the link below!