Four kids with Santa

5 Tips to Look Your Best for Snoqualmie Santa Photos

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With your Snoqualmie Santa Photo Session booked, let’s help you pick outfits for your kids!

Santa photos are a little different than traditional family photos. While many of my What to Wear for Family Photos tips still apply (like, coordinating instead of matching). Snoqualmie Santa Photos have a few extra things to consider.

With these 5 tips you’ll find selecting outfits for Santa Photos a breeze!

First, watch the reds in your children’s outfits.

You want your children to stand out on Santa’s lap, not blend in. While it’s okay to have red within the outfits, avoid primarily red (or solid red) clothing. This will help give your Snoqualmie Santa photos depth and dimension.

Four kids with Santa

Next pick your style for Snoqualmie Santa Photos.

This tip is vary unique for Snoqualmie Santa Photos. You could select to go traditional and dressy for photos, or you could select to wear Christmas pajamas.

Both options look great and work well. It simply depends on your own family’s traditions, style and preferences. I have done both. Dress is so much fun and beautiful. Though my kids loved getting to be extra comfy in their pajamas.

We love matching or coordinating pajamas from Little Sleepies. They have sizes from infant through adult, meaning your kids won’t outgrow when they can match everyone.

Crying toddler in Santa's lap with two siblings for Snoqualmie Santa Photos

Select a print to be your starting point for outfits.

Whether you’re headed to the store or getting your checking your kids’ closest, find something with a print. Whether it’s a plaid, floral, stripes, or festive, a print gives you your color palate.

To help you select a print for Snoqualmie Santa Photos, here are some colors palates that work well:

  • Green, red, navy, & white
  • Green & white
  • Black, white, & silver (or gold)
  • Gold & navy
  • Teal, purple, white & Navy

Next, pull colors from your print to coordinate the rest of the kids.

Using the print you selected pull colors that coordinate. When selecting solids for children, use textures in their clothing to add extra interest for their Snoqualmie Santa Photos.

You can have multiple prints (like a floral and stripes) if you have more than two kids.

Finally, love your Snoqualmie Santa photos.

Santa Photos are supposed to be fun and festive, not stressful. Don’t overthink outfits and trust that you’ll love them either way. They are a fun, yearly tradition. By following the first four tips you can rest easy.

Feeling in the Christmas spirit? Visit all of my holiday resources, with gift ideas, photo tips, and more.

Four children snuggled outside with Santa sneaking behind in Snoqualmie Santa Photos