Mother with three children during Seattle family photo session at Tanner Landing Park

Why More Kids Mean More Love in Your Seattle Family Photos

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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Mother with three children during Seattle family photo session at Tanner Landing Park

As a parent, you are well aware of the bustling, vibrant energy of a household brimming with children. Every day is a beautiful medley of laughter, love, squabbles, and a healthy dose of chaos. It can be overwhelming, and the mere thought of adding a family photo session into the mix might seem daunting. You might be wondering, “Can I really get good family photos with my bustling tribe?” You are used to comments about how your hands are full or you must be busy. You may wonder how a photographer would react when they hear you have more than 2 children. I’m here to tell you a resounding, “Yes! You can have beautiful family photos.” In fact, I believe that more kids mean more love in your Seattle family photos.

Embracing the Bigger Picture

Let’s be honest, orchestrating a family photo with two kids can be quite an exercise, let alone with three, four, or more. You’ve probably tried on holidays or vacations to get a photo of everyone together smiling and looking happy. Instead, you end up with a collection of family photos that look like sheer chaos and frustration.

But here’s the secret – it’s not about creating a perfect, postcard-ready snapshot. Instead, it’s about capturing the essence of your family, the dynamic, the interactions, the warmth, and yes, even the chaos. These elements, when framed within the camera lens, bring out the beauty and uniqueness of your family, adding depth and character to your family photos.

Mother with three children for portraits at Tanner Landing Park

My Approach to Seattle Family Photos: Fluid, Fun, and Filled with Love

With six children of my own, I understand firsthand the complexities and occasional mayhem that come with a large family. That’s why my approach to family photography focuses on fluidity, playfulness, and, most importantly, love.

Instead of rigid poses and forced smiles, I encourage families to engage with one another naturally. During Seattle family photo sessions, I offer prompts and positioning that allow for more movement and connection. The children can play, laugh, and even show off their latest dance moves or silly faces. These are the moments when genuine smiles and connected feelings shine through, transforming simple photos into treasured memories.

While sessions may feel fluid and spontaneous, there’s a method to the merry madness. I use gentle guidance and prompts to inspire natural interactions. I may ask you to whisper a secret to your child, to see their face light up in surprise, or have a tickle fight to capture the joyous laughter that follows. The goal is to let you and your children be yourselves during your Seattle family photos, thus infusing your family photos with real emotions and candid expressions.

The end result? A collection of photographs that truly show off your family beautifully.

Mother twirling with daughter during Seattle family photos

Expertise Meets Empathy: Making Your Session a Comforting Experience

I understand the concerns you may have, especially with more than two kids in the frame. You might be worried about everyone looking at the camera or that one of your children might have a meltdown. As a parent and a veteran photographer, I am well-equipped to handle these situations. Remember, the goal is not perfection but representation – a true capture of your family’s spirit.

Whether your child is shy and needs time to warm up, or busy and needing run, I’m ready for it. Should your child have big emotions, those are welcome, too. My approach to Seattle family photos welcome all as they are. The goal is not to put anyone into a mold perfectly, but to perfectly capture their personality and essence.

When you see your family photos, you should feel the love, joy, and connection that define your family. Therefore, instead of focusing on getting that one perfect shot, we aim to create a series of meaningful images that narrate your family’s unique story.

To reassure you further, my client families often express how much fun they have during their sessions, and how their fears of chaotic, stressful photography sessions simply fade away. Many may feel a little unsure if I captured anything of value, only because their Seattle family photo session did not feel like the portrait session they are used to. In other words, it was not a stiff and boring experience. By the end, they’re left with precious memories in two forms – a fun-filled day and beautiful family photos that encapsulate that experience.

Siblings together during family photos in North Bend, Wa

Cherish the Chaos, Embrace the Love During Seattle Family Photos

Ultimately, having more children means having more personalities, more laughter, and yes, more love to capture. Instead of viewing a large family as a photography challenge, I see it as an opportunity to capture a wider range of emotions, interactions, and precious moments. In fact, the more children, the more stories we have to tell through our lens.

Again, as a mother of 6, the dynamics within my own family are so treasured. The bonds within the family are more than simply parent to child but between siblings. I’m sure you as you read these words you can thing of sweet moments between your children. Those are the kinds of connections you will see in your gallery of portraits from your Seattle family photo session.

Playful family photos in North Bend, Wa

More Children, More Memories to Treasure

Children grow up incredibly fast. As parents, we often wish we could freeze these moments, to savor their childhood a little longer. This sentiment becomes even stronger when there are more little ones involved. Each child brings their own unique charm and personality to the family, creating a rich tapestry of memories. Doesn’t it feel like with each child, time seems to fly even faster?

Family photos are a way to hold on to these precious moments. They’re not just about beautifully arranged pictures on your living room wall or holiday greeting cards. They are, in fact, the tangible memories of your children’s laughter, their playful antics, and the warm, loving atmosphere of your family. When you look back on these photos, you’ll be reminded of the sweet chaos, the overwhelming love, and the beautiful journey of your growing family.

Mother with three children during Seattle family photos

Embrace the Joy, Embrace the Chaos During Seattle Family Photo Sessions

If you’ve been hesitant about having a Seattle family photo session because you’re worried about managing your children or fearing it might be too chaotic, I invite you to see things from a different perspective. The energy, the laughter, the interaction between siblings – these are the ingredients for wonderful, heartfelt photos.

Relaxed and playful Family photos in North Bend, Wa

Remember, it’s not about the perfect pose but the perfect moment – the one where your family’s love shines brightest. So, embrace the joy, embrace the chaos, and let’s create some beautiful memories together. After all, in family and in photography, the more, the merrier!

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