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You’re having a baby (congratulations!) and you know you want to hire a photographer to help you document those first hours with your newest family member. Beyond that, you have no idea when baby will actually arrive, how labor will go, and how you will be feeling afterwards. So how do you prepare for a photo session so soon after birth? Using this simple guide you can have beautiful options for your Fresh 48 photos.

Put yourself first, mom!

It is so easy to spend hours (months, even) scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram searching for the perfect outfit for baby. But let’s be honest, your baby will look adorable in anything, right?! However, you will not feel comfortable in anything. So instead, find something you love for yourself to wear and coordinate everyone with that.

What to Wear for Beautiful Fresh 48 Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Fresh 48 Photo, Photo of mom and baby in hospital

A few things to keep in mind for mom:

  • A loose fitting top or a robe is ideal. You just had a baby, the last thing you will want is something clingy and tight. Personally I loved wearing a robe with a nursing tank under, that way I could easily nurse as needed, but was covered in something forgiving and comfortable. I also found the robe something I used a lot even once I was home.

  • Pack pants. Black maternity leggings are a great, comfortable piece to wear underneath everything. While we don’t focus on your legs, per se, if you have children who may pull on your robe, or may be nervous and sitting lower than you, pants will ensure you are not too exposed in photos.

  • Try on your outfit before you have baby. If you’re comfortable in it while still pregnant, it should work beautifully for photos too.

Select an outfit and/or swaddle for baby that coordinates not matches what you are wearing.

It can seem cute to have your robe and baby’s swaddle being the exact same print. However, you want baby to stand out from you, not blend in. Instead of matching, coordinate. If your robe is printed, try a solid swaddle. If your robe is solid, try a printed swaddle for baby.

What to Wear for Beautiful Fresh 48 Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Fresh 48 Photo, Photo of mom dad and newborn baby in floral swaddle

A few things to keep in mind for baby:

  • Neutral and or deep colors work best on newborns. Avoid bright colors, words, and/or busy prints as they are distracting in photographs.

  • Well-fitting gowns or sleepers for baby are best. This is not the time for growing room nor fancy outfits. Knotted gowns or footed sleepers photograph beautifully, especially when they fit your baby well. A couple of my favorite brands for newborns are Lou Lou and Company for knotted gowns and L’oved Baby for footed sleepers.

  • Have a back-up outfit. Babies spit up and blow up diapers. (Trust me, my youngest spit up all over her gown seconds after my husband dressed her, and moments before our photographer arrived for our own Fresh 48 photo session).

  • Of course, we will also want to strip baby down to capture those tiny details.

What to Wear for Beautiful Fresh 48 Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Fresh 48 Photo, Photo of newborn baby feet in hospital bassinet

Next, select casual, neutral outfits for dad and any siblings.

Now that you and baby are figured out, you can pick out things for dad and any siblings. To keep with the cozy/causual feel of a Fresh 48, stay casual and neutral for dad and the kids.

A few things to keep in mind for dad and siblings:

  • For dad, a pair of jeans and a button henley or nice, plain t-shirt are perfect. Depending on the color pallet you chose for you and baby, white, cream, tan, grey, charcoal, or navy all photograph beautifully.

  • Siblings, again you want to be casual. For boys, they can be dressed similarly to dad in either a plain, well-fitting t-shirt, a henley shirt, or even a nice pullover sweatshirt. Girls could be in simple dresses (no need for fancy Christmas/Easter dresses), or jeans/leggings and a t-shirt.

  • Simple patterns are okay for the kids, however, make sure they go well with whatever you and the baby are wearing.

What to Wear for Beautiful Fresh 48 Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Fresh 48 Photo, Photo of dad with his little girls in the hospital

Bonus tips for what to wear for your Fresh 48 Session

A few extra things to help everything go smoothly for your Fresh 48 session:

  • Pack a grandparent bag. If you’ are having someone else dress and bring your children to the hospital to meet baby, have a bag ready of outfits for the kids. This helps so they know exactly what you want your kids to wear.

  • Prepare your kids ahead of time. If your kids are old enough to understand, explain that you have a bag of special outfits ready just for meeting baby. Make it fun and help them know what to expect will make the process a little smoother.

  • Lay out all of your Fresh 48 clothing choices ahead of time. I suggest this no matter what type of session you are having, but lay out all of your clothing together on your bed. Take a photo of it (and if I’m your photographer, send it to me for a second pair of eyes!). Does something stand out or seem out of place? Does something blend in or everything look beautiful?

  • A “big sister” (or big brother) shirt can be a fun addition to your session. Mom and dad had a coordinating big sister shirt underneath her sweater for a few photos showing off her new title.

What to Wear for Beautiful Fresh 48 Photos, Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah Fresh 48 Photo, Photo of girl in Big Sister Shirt

Keeping things coordinated (not matchy-matchy), comfortable, and casual your fresh 48 photos will be beautiful!

Now that you know what to wear, make sure you have booked your session with me. Use the link below to contact me and get your due date reserved on my calendar for your Fresh 48 session.

Make sure you also check below for a few more favorites from this adorable family of four’s Fresh 48 session.

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