what not to wear for family photo tips, Snoqualmie family photography

What NOT to Wear for Family Photos

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Planning outfits for your upcoming family photo session? Here’s a few things on what not to wear for family photos.

Before diving in, the images of the family shown are not examples of what not to wear. They did a beautiful job of staying true to the weather, location, and their family’s personality. As you can see from the images in this post the focus is on their love, their family, their connections, not their outfits. Which is exactly the goal.

Okay, now, onto the tips!

what not to wear for family photo tips, Snoqualmie family photography

The number one thing for dressing your family is to be true to your family’s style and personality.

This is a big one. If you scour the internet you will see plenty of beautiful family photos featuring mom in a boho dress, or everyone all in white and creams.

If that isn’t you naturally, do not force it. If the outfits you choose aren’t your family it will show up on camera. The fact that you’re concerned about your son getting his white shirt dirty, or you feel awkward in that boho dress will show.

Be you. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.

You want your gallery of images to be true portrayal of your family.

Of course you want to be cleaned up a bit, but ensure that your color palate and clothing choices reflect your family.

Snoqualmie family photos, three family photos with toddler boy

Dressing everyone in the same color is my next of the what not to wear for family photos tips.

There is nothing that screams 90s meme more than everyone wearing all the same color. (Remember the days of everyone in all white t-shirts and jeans?!)

Not only will this leave your photos feeling dated, but will also leave your photos lacking depth.

Instead include several colors. If you prefer the monochromatic look, try various shades or tones and including various textures to add that interest.

Another tip for what not to wear for family photos is clothing with large logos or words.

Once again you want the focus to be on you. Large logos or words are distracting.

Large logos may feel obvious as something to avoid, but wording may seem questionable. The problem is that in order to read the words on a shirt you (or your child) will need to be still enough to have the entire phrase in the frame. However, family photography sessions with me are full of movement and close snuggles. That isn’t conducive for capturing all of the wording on clothing. Because the words will be cut off, the viewer will want to try to read the shirt, fill in the missing pieces, yet you want the focus to be on your sweet family right?

So while you may want to make a statement, this isn’t the time.

The only exceptions? I can name two and they are only for quick changes. The first is if your child is having a cake smash and you want to include a “one’ onesie.

The other would be if you’re expecting and want to include a “big brother/big sister” shirt for an announcement photo.

However, in both cases, I would not include shirt for the entire session. Instead put them on at the end of the session just in time for the few photos.

what not to wear for family photos post, photo on the rocky terrain by the river

Finally, avoid wearing something that will not work for the location of your family photos.

Think about the location and what is there.

Sessions by the river, for example, have large river rocks to walk over. High heel shoes are not going to work well.

Unsure about the terrain or if something will work well for your family photos? I am here to help. All families I work with are able to have my help in finding the right things to wear for their family photos.

Is your family booked for family photos this year? Head to the link below to get started in booking your family photo session.

Snoqualmie Family photos, photos with mom dad and toddler boy
What not to wear for family photos blog post, Snoqualmie Family photographer
What not to wear for family photos blog post, Snoqualmie Family photographer, portrait of a toddler boy
What not to wear for family photos blog post, Snoqualmie Family photographer, family photos in the river
What not to wear for family photos blog post, Snoqualmie Family photographer, photo of mother carrying son

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