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When is the best time for newborn photos? How old (or young) should baby be for their newborn photos?

There are many answers out there on this topic, and many strong opinions. I’m going to answer with the best time for newborn photos for how I photograph babies. I am a lifestyle newborn photographer, so if you’re looking for those super posed, studio photos, you’ll want to check in with those type of photographers for your answer. (Though I’m guessing it’s in the 5-12 days range).

If you’re a “skimmer, make sure you head to the bottom of the post for the Things to Consider!

The best age for newborn photos is under two weeks old.

(I want to start this by saying, keep reeding if your baby is older, have I have big BUT….coming).

In those first few weeks, you’re riding on that high of new parenthood, baby is so fresh and tiny. The details still there such as the little poke on their foot, maybe even their umbilical stump still there.

If there are siblings, it’s still novel and exciting to be an older sibling. As time goes on, baby sister might be old news and less excited to sit and explore their sibling as I capture the magic.

My favorite time to photograph newborns is when they are home from the hospital for about a week.

Around a 7-11 days old, you’ve had a little time to get settled in at home, mom is typically recovering well by this point, but the newness, excitement, adrenaline is all still there.

Will you likely be tired? Of course. I don’t expect your newborn to sleep through the night at this point (or any point during the first year). Yet that’s the perk of an in-home lifestyle newborn photo session is that it takes place in your home. You don’t have to get ready AND leave the house. I come to you.

Newborns can be beautifully photographed at 4 to 6 weeks old.

With all of the above information, your newborn can be beautifully photographed at 4 to 6 weeks old.

Whether life got in the way and you wanted more time to settle in, you forgot as the days ran together, or your baby had some time in the NICU, you’re not too late.

The baby featured in this blog post was about one month old. She was alert most of the time, but still so beautifully tiny. I guarantee this family does not regret having photos taken of their baby girl.

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Things to consider for your newborn photo session.

While I truly believe there is no wrong time for newborn photos, there are a couple of developmental things that could impact your newborn baby.

Babies around 2-3 weeks old often get baby acne. While many babies it is just a few little red bumps, some babies it can be more intense. Although I do touch up baby’s skin, I’m not after a flawless, plastic skin look (remember your baby is perfect just as she is).

Six weeks old is a major developmental leap for babies. It could happen a tad early or a tad later, but the 6th week was the hardest week for all five of my children. They were just a bit fussier and wanted to be held all the time. Of course, I’m not after setting baby down and having baby unhappy. She can stay in your arms the entire time! Yet if you’re hoping for a little less stress and worry, I’d consider scheduling a little earlier or later than 6 weeks.

Best time for newborn photos, Seattle newborn photography, Neyssa Lee Photography, Photo of father and newborn daughter

So when do I book my newborn photo session?

Right now, of course! 😉

If baby is here already, reach out, let’s chat about the right time and get your family on the calendar.

If you’re expecting, I’d say a great time is after that 20 week ultrasound for your own peace of mind. (If you’re due in fall months, booking earlier is ideal as my calendar is much fuller as families fill it with family sessions before the holidays).

Please rest easy knowing that if anything were to happen, your deposit would be fully refundable. If you’re pregnant after loss or a long journey, I understand the worry of planning ahead.

Ready to book your Seattle area newborn photo session?

Click the button below to contact me to begin the booking process for your newborn session.

Head to my Newborn Photo Session Resource Page to help you prepare for your lifestyle newborn photo session and answer any questions you might still have.

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