Photos of a Pediatric Stroke Warrior

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Taking photos of a pediatric stroke warrior is such a huge honor. This adorable, red haired, little girl is truly a warrior. I have been photographing her since birth. Her newborn photos remain one of my favorites of all time. 
Recently I teamed up with her mama, founder of Pediatric Stroke Warriors, to help raise awareness for Pediatric Stroke. 

But now for the photos of a warrior! Mom had been waiting to schedule this session as she wanted her little one walking. And now she is walking with a purpose! We were on the run the entire session, I think mom was nervous about getting any good photos. But we got so many special moments! Like this favorite of father and daughter walking hand in hand.

Photos of a Warrior, Pediatric Stroke, Walking with dad

I had shared this as a sneak peek on Facebook. What makes it even more fun was how we got it. When you are 2, you don’t always want to sit still and take photos (I get that!). So dad decided to throw pine cones at me, which Miss A thought was pretty funny. We just snuck mom and big brother behind, and bam – a beautiful family photo in mom’s favorite trees at the park!

Photos of a Warrior, Pediatric Stroke, family photo with interesting trees

We had this big beautiful park, but little miss pediatric stroke warrior was really drawn to this stage area. But it made it so much more fun, as dad and brother played hide-and-seek around the stage!

Photos of a Warrior, Pediatric Stroke,

Although we were taking photos of a warrior, we were also capturing her family too. Let’s not forget this handsome fellow. He’s grown up so much since last time I saw him. But he’s still just as patient and sweet with his little sister. 

Photos of a Warrior, Big brother, portrait, boy

Parents are often reluctant to get in front of the camera without the kids. But not these two. Aren’t they so sweet together? I didn’t even have to tell them to get closer to each other. I know mom loves this shot, but I think the kids will too, especially as they get older. They will see the story of their parents who loved each other so very much!

Thank you to this family for allowing me to take photos of their pediatric stroke warrior, for sharing your family with me. It was so much fun chasing your firecracker around the park