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Photographs of Adoption Day – A Special Event Photo Session

Before I tell you about the photographs of adoption day I recently took, I must start back at the beginning. I first met this young lady when she was turning one. Her, at the time, foster parents approached me about donating my time to capture a few photos that she can take with her to her forever home – wherever that may be. They hated the idea of passing such a wonderful milestone and not having it recorded for her to look back on. Of course, I could not say no. Due to the nature of the session, I was unable to share those images until now.Foster Baby Photos, Photographs of Adoption Day, Snoqualmie Photographer

Fast forward a little over a year and a half, and her foster mama contacted me to take photographs of adoption day! After a long road, this family was able to go from a foster home to her forever home. Even typing this now, I still get goosebumps. It is such a beautiful story.

I met the family at the courthouse to capture the moment she was officially theirs forever. There were special gifts given before the ceremony. And there was dancing. Lots of twirling and dancing. She knew it was her special day and she was going to dance!

Photographs of Adoption Day, Courthouse Photography, Seattle Photographer

The actual ceremony only lasts about 5 minutes. And yet, the lady of the hour much preferred to dance through her ceremony too. Photographs of Adoption Day, Courthouse Photography, Seattle PhotographerAnd despite the rain, we took some family photos to be their first “official” family photos. They brought this sign to hold, and I admit, I teared up while reading it. Photographs of Adoption Day, Courthouse Photography, Seattle Photographer, Announcement PhotoShe now has a forever home. And it is beautiful. Photographs of Adoption Day, Courthouse Photography, Seattle Family PhotographerAnd she not only has a mom, dad, and sister who love and adore her. She has an entire family standing beside her. Photographs of Adoption Day, Courthouse Photography, Seattle Photographer


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