Newborn Pictures with a Toddler

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What can you expect from newborn pictures with a toddler?

Bringing home your second child is so much different than your first. In so many ways, you’re calmer because you have a better feel for what to expect for life with a newborn. However, things are so different because now you have a toddler to take care of too.

I would have to say that the biggest concern that I get from mom’s wanting to book a newborn photo session is not about how their baby will do, but about how their toddler will act. I have helped calm many a mother’s fears, but thought putting together a type of “what to expect for your newborn pictures with a toddler” article might be helpful, too.

if you had a newborn session with your first child, I want to let you know that your session with me this time will feel so much different. This may seem like an obvious place to start, but let’s talk about how.

Snoqualmie newborn photography, Photo of baby girl looking up at the camera

The focus of your newborn photo session will be split between baby and toddler.

When I approach a newborn photo session for a family of four (or five or six), I, of course, want to focus on capturing that sweet new baby and all of her tiny details. However, your other children are just as important to me and your newborn pictures will reflect that.

Photo of toddler checking out baby sister during Snoqualmie newborn pictures

Your toddler may not be interested in snuggling with the baby for newborn pictures.

By the time we do your newborn session (1-3 weeks after birth), your family has had a chance to settle in and start to get a feel for life with a new member. That means, the excitement and newness of having a younger sibling may have worn off. (Another reason you may want to consider a Fresh 48 session in addition to your newborn session!). So your child may find her toys or playing with daddy more fun than snuggling her baby sister. This is expected, and just another benefit of in-home sessions for newborn pictures with a toddler.

I do not expect your older children to sit and dote on the baby the entire newborn photo session. So if they need time to warm up to the process, or started out strong, but need a break, it is completely okay. A newborn session is flexible and we can focus on just baby, dad and baby, or mom and baby.

Photo of toddler playing in front of parents

The flow of your newborn photo session will be determined by your toddler.

Typically, we start the session with the entire family. This is when kids are more excited about the process and ready for good family snuggles. Once they are over it, we give them a break. Then newborn pictures can be focused on baby or the adults with baby.

However, should your toddler need more time to warm up for newborn pictures, we let her have her space and watch me capture her baby sibling. I know once she’s ready she will join us.

There may be dancing, playing, and rough housing to get newborn pictures with a toddler.

As mom holds baby, dad may be twirling big sister, dancing with her and swooping in for the family shot. Mom may be singing songs or asking her to find baby sister’s nose/toes, hands, etc. I also have a few questions to get her excited about checking out baby sister.

For example, one favorite question toddlers love to answer during newborn photos is if baby smells like bananas or chocolate. It’s unexpected and they go right in to smell. This motion in is the perfect time to get newborn pictures with connection between siblings.

Photo of baby asleep on mom's chest in an orange chair during Snoqualmie newborn photo session

There is plenty of time for snack (and coffee) breaks during your photo session.

Just like any newborn photo session, we will take breaks if baby needs a diaper change or a feeding. However, should your toddler need a little snack that is okay too. Remember, I have young kids, I know how much and how often they eat! Fed kids = happy kids. Plus, while your husband is getting your daughter a snack, he can brew you a cup of coffee to enjoy too!

Seattle area newborn photo sessions can take up to 2 hours. I promise it feels like that time flies by. However, I encourage families to plan for that full 2 hours to allow for any needed breaks.

Photo of mom admiring swaddled newborn baby girl

In the end, lifestyle in-home newborn sessions are ideal for families with toddlers.

Not only do you not have to worry about leaving your home for your session, but a lifestyle session is laid back and flexible to meet the needs of both of your children. And while your session may not feel quite as calm as your first newborn session, the resulting newborn pictures with a toddler will be ones you will forever cherish.

Book your newborn session, using the button below, and I will walk you through everything you need to help you prepare for your session so that you and dad can focus on your family come photo day!

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Black and white photo of mom swaddling newborn baby by Snoqualmie photographer
Photo of dad kissing newborn baby girl during Seattle newborn photo session
Newborn photo session with a toddler, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Snoqualmie newborn photography, Photo of toddler holding baby sister with parents help
Newborn photo session with a toddler, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Snoqualmie newborn photography, Photo of newborn baby girl in dad's arms
Newborn pictures of Black and white photo of swaddled baby by Snoqualmie photographer
Newborn photo session with a toddler, Issaquah Newborn Photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Snoqualmie newborn photography, Lifestyle newborn photo of baby on master bed