Newborn Photography Session: Your Top Questions Answered

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As mothers, we have plenty of questions. It’s a switch that is turned on in us when our babies are born. Is our baby eating enough? Is he getting enough sleep, warm enough or too warm? Oh no, he slept too much. The list goes on. We have enough to worry about. Your newborn photography session should not be something you go into with questions.

So I’m responding, resolving, reassuring, you for all of the top questions I hear about most from mothers.

“What if my baby is fussy or doesn’t sleep during the newborn photography session?”

The beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that I don’t need your baby to do anything to capture your family beautiful. He can sleep the entire time, be awake the entire time, he could want to be held the entire time, or need extra breaks to feed. None of these things interrupt the flow of a session, because all of my sessions are led by baby’s needs.

The parents in the newborn photography session featured in this post told me afterward that baby boy seemed a bit fussy that day. I’m sure they worried as they waited for their gallery. And yet you cannot tell from their images. (It turns out that 6 week leap came a little early is all!)

Black and white photo of mother and father admiring their newborn baby near the window in the nursery

“What if my house isn’t “huge?” (or insert any other word here like, “bright” “designed by Joanna Gaines,” etc.)

As a Seattle photographer, my focus is on your baby not your home. Not only do I expect some clutter (you just had a baby, do not worry about picking up the house for me), but I simply need one window for natural light. Should we need to move anything (water bottles, clothes, the couch into the light, etc) dad and I can take care of it.

I have had newborn photography sessions where there is little light so everyone is snuggled up near the window, or on the couch. Guess what. The families love their baby’s photos still.

Newborn photography of baby in parent's arms with yellow lab sniffing baby nearby

“The families in your gallery are gorgeous. What if I am not feeling that beautiful after having a baby?”

All of the families that I share in my baby portfolio are real families. I’m sure the mother’s felt a bit self conscious about their recovering bodies too. (I know from personal experience, I still felt “off” in my body 12 months later).

However, you are a warrior. No matter how your baby was delivered, your body did an amazing thing. Recovery is a journey.

Your love for your baby is what makes you extra gorgeous. Let me worry about the right angles and positions to guide you into that are the most flattering.

Plus, I promise, my focus isn’t on your baby like it was during your maternity photography session. A newborn photography session all about that baby and your love for him.

Baby in father's arms during newborn photography session in their Seattle home

“What should everyone wear for our newborn photography session?”

Keep it simple, fairly neutral, and even a little casual. The same rules apply as for any photos (like, wear things that coordinate and not have everyone in the same white t-shirt and jeans). However, staying more neutral can help your baby shine.

Another thing is to make sure baby’s clothes are well fitting and comfortable for baby.

I have plenty of guides and can help with everything from what mom should wear, siblings, dad, and baby. But start here with my What to Wear for Newborn Photos articles.

Mother kissing sleeping newborns face during Snoqualmie newborn photography session

“What if I have a very busy toddler who won’t sit still for photos?”

Again, the perk of your newborn photography session in your home is that your toddler can come and go and come and go as needed. I don’t expect your toddler to sit still the entire time.

I have a few tricks up my sleeves that gets them involved. You let me worry about your gallery of images and you can focus on loving on your family.

If you have young children you can see more of what to expect when you have a toddlers for your newborn photography session.

See, you have nothing to worry about. None of these things are issues for me.

Family holding baby in whale themed nursery

All that does matter is that your family’s love is beautiful, your baby will grow rapidly, and you deserve to be photographed beautifully right now.

Do you still have questions about newborn photography session? Leave a comment below, or contact me. I’m here to help.

Excited to get to planning your newborn photos? Contact me to reserve your spot on my calendar, and then go binge all of my resources to help you plan for your baby’s photos.

Baby feet with baby in dad's arms
Dad admiring baby in Snoqualmie photo session

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