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Today’s post is all about the Fresh 48 photo session experience. I figured who better to tell you about the experience than a mom who has hired me twice to capture her family as they welcomed new babies into their family. While I may be biased as a Seattle newborn photographer, read this mom’s fresh 48 experience to help you decide if this session is right for you.

So grab a cup of coffee, read about her experience and peek at her beautiful family as they welcomed their baby girl after two sweet boys! If you are thinking about having Fresh 48 photos done, you may find your questions or concerns are answered by her answers.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah and Bellevue Fresh 48 Photographer,  Photo of baby's profile with beautiful backlight

Q: Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! How was the labor and birth?

A:  Thank you! It was completely different than what I was expecting.  I had my first two babies in a different state where rules were different.  I struggled with the rules at this hospital being a bit more strict and less mom-centered. Due to my sons’ being bigger, I was induced. It was a long labor but totally worth it once she was here in my arms.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah and Bellevue Fresh 48 Photographer,  Photo of newborn baby snuggled against moms chest

Q: Why did you choose to do a Fresh 48 photo session experience?

A: The first time I had a fresh 48 I just wanted to capture the reaction of my oldest meeting his baby brother.  Once I saw those images, my heart swelled. Fresh 48s instantly became my favorite type of session. I still go back and look at my Fresh 48 from 2.5 years ago and cry when I see the images.  It is such a special session to have and a moment you really can’t recreate.  

Q: Were you nervous about the session beforehand? 

A: Personally, I was not nervous.  I trusted you as my photographer and knew you would respect my wants and desires throughout the session.  I just wanted to capture the reactions of my older kids to their new sister, whether the reactions were good and sweet, or lots of crying. Also, I knew you would allow for the Frhes 48 experience to be laid back and smooth while allowing my kids to meet their baby sister without interference.

Q: What was the experience like having a Fresh 48 photographer in the room just hours after giving birth?

A: Who better to have in the room than someone who has been there 4 times (with her own kids)?!?! It’s really nice just having another mom who understands to talk to as well.  A refreshing breath, after a long couple of days in labor and delivery. The dream, fresh 48 photo session experience for sure.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah and Bellevue Fresh 48 Photographer,  Photo of boys meeting baby sister for the first time

Q: What was the best part of having this special time photographed?

A: Having these incredible images forever. It doesn’t even matter if they took place in a hospital room, this was the most special time of our lives and I get to go back and relive those first moments with my newborn by looking at those photos.

Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah and Bellevue Fresh 48 Photographer,  Photo of big brother touching newborn baby sister

Q: What did you think when you saw your gallery? Do you have any favorite photos or moments from your Frehs 48 experience?

A: I cried happy tears (I still do when I look at them)  They are just all so beautiful. My favorite is when I have all three kids in my lap.  My middle is looking at his sister and my oldest leaned down and put his head on her. It really is the perfect example of their personalities.  That one is framed in my bedroom so it’s the first thing I see in the morning

Neyssa Lee Photography, Issaquah and Bellevue Fresh 48 Photographer, black and white photo of mom laughing while adjusting her newborn baby in hospital

Q: Thank you so much for taking time away from that adorable family of yours. Any final comments about having a Fresh 48 photo session?

A: If you are doubting whether you should do a Fresh 48 just do it.  Don’t worry about how you will look, Neyssa will make you look amazing.  You will not regret having this session. It is by far, the most valuable session you can book (in my opinion) A Fresh 48, in hospital photo session is an experience I would recommend to all of my friends.

(I promise, I did not pay her to say those sweet words above. I am so grateful for this woman, her family and for inviting me into her hospital room to capture this special time.)

If you’re ready to get your Fresh 48 session on the calendar, contact me below. Then check out just a “few” more favorites from this Fresh 48 session below (there is one of big brother peeking on baby sister in the bassinet you won’t want to miss)!


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