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Do you love a good podcast? If you are looking for the best podcasts for photographers, keep reading.

As we are entering photographer busy season, maybe you find yourself searching for something good to binge while you sit editing for hours on end. 

You’re in luck, today I’m sharing my favorite podcasts for photographers. These are ones where I’ve gotten actual helpful tips, strategies, and/or inspiration for my business.

Ready? Let’s go!

Photo Bix X is one of the best podcast for photographers running a business.

Hosted by Andrew Hellmich, PhotoBizX focuses on all aspects of running a successful photography business. Andrew interviews photographers from around the world in different genres. Each week I gather tips and ideas that I can implement into my own business. Andrew also has a premium membership I recently joined and am loving. Not only do you get more in depth podcast episodes, but access to his Facebook Group and resources just for photographers.

The Goal Digger Podcast is a great podcast for your business.

In her podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, Jenna Kutcher shares tips, strategies, and motivation for small business owners. While it isn’t a podcast for photographers only, I love that she started as a photographer and shares her story openly about how she’s grown her business into what it is today. Her episodes are shorter and to the point, with a 1-2-3 approach that leaves you able to implement ideas right away. She also interviews a collection of other business owners on her episodes.

Another great podcast for photographers is Business Made Simple.

Donald Miller hosts the Business Made Simple Podcast. This podcast is almost opposite from Goal Digger Podcast with a larger company and more masculine look at business. However, I appreciate the difference in advice. Plus their marketing strategies are business gold, no matter what size your business is. 

While I don’t listen to every episode (because I don’t really need to learn about running a team), most are informative and applicable. 

The Shine Online Podcast is a favorite podcast for all things social media for business.

I first found Natasha over on Instagram when Reels first hit the scene. I was immediately drawn to her informative approach mixed with her cheerful disposition. She also has a come as you are and serve your audience mentality, all things I could get behind. On her podcast, The Shine Online Podcast, Natasha shows up authentically and full of great information for showing up for your business online making it a great podcast for photographers.


Photographers will appreciate the genre specific podcast Shoot Edit Chat Repeat.

In their podcast, Shoot Edit Chat Repeat, photographers Vicki and Eddie chat all things business, photography and being a creative. They interview photographers with different styles and approaches from all over the world. I love how their interviews are people who are photographers like me, but are offering fresh ideas inspiration for my own business. 

I will confess, it took me a while to get into this podcast as the hosts are very chatty in the beginning of each episode. I prefer a shorter and to the point podcast. However, you will soon find yourself loving their banter and conversation, like you’re sitting at coffee with them.

My last podcast recommendation is for you, ladies.

The most surprising podcast that will help your business I have found is Flow with Berrion Berry.

In her podcast, Berrion discusses your cycle. Yes, I said it. Flow with Berrion Berry is all about your menstrual cycle. However, she teaches about embracing your cycle, improving symptoms, and learning to work with your cycle for a better month. She even gives tips on productivity and how our cycle affects us. I’ve been blown away and learned a TON. So I encourage you to check her out and give it a try.

Whew, what a great list of favorite podcasts for photographers.

While I don’t get around to every episode of every show, I love having options to listen to on my drives or while folding laundry that actually help me run my business better. 

Which are your favorite podcasts? Which one will you try first?

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