Family Vacation Photos: Top 3 Benefits Explained

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Have you ever thought about having your family photos done on vacation? Maybe you haven’t thought exactly about family photos, but often while on vacation don’t you admire the beauty of the place you’ve traveled to?

While planning for a family vacation the last thing you’re thinking about is family photos, I’m sure. You are planning what to pack (don’t forget the sunscreen!), how to travel, and where to stay. The thought of adding in a family photo session may seem overwhelming. But I want to offer you three benefits of having your family photos done while on vacation.

Benefits of family photos on vacation, Neyssa Lee Photography, Chelan Family Photographer, Photo of family overlooking a beautiful valley

Your family’s schedule is already more relaxed.

When you’ve booked out time for a vacation, it means that there are no soccer games or dance practices to worry about. You aren’t traveling for work, nor are there birthday parties to attend. Instead, you have purposely blocked out time in everyone’s calendar for this family vacation. Why not take advantage and use one hour of one of those vacation evenings to have family photos done?

Benefits of family photos on vacation, Neyssa Lee Photography, Chelan Family Photographer,

A new location offers a gorgeous backdrop for your family vacation photos.

As I mentioned above, when you’re traveling, you cannot help but notice the new beauty around you. Whether you’ve never been or you visit every summer, the change in scenery from your normal routine offers a new perspective. If you’ve had your family photos taken each year around your hometown, having them taken while on vacation will offer up a beautiful change of pace.

Photo of three kids laughing in a field

You’ll have that sun-kissed glow.

The long, dark winter months mean my skin may not see the sun for a long time. When I finally reveal my arms to the world, they are usually blinding pale. Now I’m not one to tan, but a few days working out in the garden, or enjoying time at the lake with my family and all of us get a little more of that sun-kissed look.

Similarly, after spending a few days playing at the pool, or out on the boat on the lake, you’ll feel more family photo-ready with that vacation sun-kissed glow. No rosy red cheeks (because remember how cold it was last October during your session) for your family this year!

Photo of boy running to his family during Lake Chelan portrait session

Beyond these are three benefits of having family photos done while on vacation are a few more.

Everyone is a little more relaxed while on vacation, meaning a family session can go even more smoothly. (oOne of my top tips for family photos is for mom and dad to relax and just love on the family). The new location offers up excitement and joy. Your family explores the area and plays together during your session, all good things for a lifestyle family photo session. The list goes on.

Lake Chelan, WA portraits of a family of 5

If you are traveling this summer, imagine adding a family vacation photo session. Heading to Lake Chelan this summer? Contact me to book a limited spot on my travel calendar. I travel there often during the summer and will be accepting a limited number of sessions there each year.

Or If you are traveling to the Seattle area, I can help you capture your family along with the essence of the great Pacific Northwest! Either way, let’s chat!

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