4 Tips for Getting Mom into the Photos this Holiday Season

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Moms are Important Too: 4 Tips for Getting Mom into the Photos this Holiday Season

The holidays are full of memories and special moments. As moms, we want to capture all of these moments to hold onto forever. But what is the real reason we are capturing these moments, for us, or for our kids? Of course, we love pouring through old photos, but my hope is that my kids will look back and see how surrounded by love they are. I want them to see where they came from. I realized that while I was taking all of these photos, I wasn’t in any! How can I truly document their lives without including their mother?!  I know that I’m not the only mom out there that doesn’t spend enough time in front of a camera. Here are a few tips to help you get in the photos this holiday season.

1. Enlist a helper. I set up my cameras settings and hand it off to my husband or another family member to take photos of the kids and I. The holidays are the perfect time to enlist a helper as friends and family are around for special gatherings. If all your helper has to do is push the shutter it makes it that much easier for you to get a great photo of you with the kids.

*This image was taken by my father last Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorites as I’m in it with the kids!

4 Tips for Getting Mom into the Photos this Holiday Season

2. Use a Tripod and a Remote or Self Timer. You can capture great shots with a tripod. The trick is to use your husband for a focal point when setting up the tripod. Then jump in the picture with everyone else. With a remote you can control when the photo is taken, so you won’t feel like you’re running back and forth before the self timer goes off. Another great use of the tripod is for holiday meals. Use the remote to capture the toast or funny moments. Having it set up in advance allows for everyone to forget the camera is there and act naturally, and for you to get in the photo too!

*Christmas Morning is the perfect time for a tripod and self timer. This one is from a couple years ago, showing off our Christmas jammies as a family! You have to love the looks on the kids’ faces!

4 Tips for Getting Mom into the Photos this Holiday Season, Christmas Morning Photo

3. Embrace the “selfie” with your Smart Phone. Kids love being able to see themselves on camera. Use that to capture a selfie with your kids. Often the live view makes them crack up the most, giving genuine smiles. So, snuggle in tight, give a few tickles, and snap away with your smart phone.

4 Tips for Getting Mom into the Photos this Holiday Season
4. Hire a Professional. Everyone should have a professional take their family portraits,even photographers need someone to capture their family! A photographer is able to capture you at your best. She knows the perfect angles and how to help you relax so you feel comfortable in front of the camera. The holidays are a great time to update your family portraits. Making a tradition of yearly portraits serves as a reminder to get in the pictures too! They also make great gifts for friends and family!

*Our family portraits as taken by the wonderful Miss Freddy last year! A special moment a pro would know how to capture!

4 Tips for Getting Mom into the Photos this Holiday Season

I hope these 4 tips for getting mom into the photos this holiday season help you step in front of the camera this year! Trust me, your kids will appreciate it as they pour through your family albums and see mom was there too!


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