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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

There are a lot of terms thrown around in the photography world. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when looking for the right photographer to capture your newborn baby. 

When you are trying to decide on a photographer, the first thing to note is what style of photography are you looking for? Do you want your baby posed in a basket with various props and outfits or do you want something more natural? There is no “correct” answer, just what is right for your family. 

Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Photo of Baby girl in diaper asleep on bed with moms hand

I am a lifestyle newborn photographer.

Being a lifestyle newborn photographer means that I do not use props or unnatural poses for your baby. I believe that a baby is beautiful just as they are.  So while I will capture portraits of your baby, I let him lead the way, unfolding in ways most comfortable for him. Often parents will comment on how baby sleeps is just like they did in womb (and they even have ultrasounds to prove it)!

During a lifestyle newborn photo session, I capture photos of the entire family, siblings, each parent individually with baby, and baby by herself. The goal is to capture those tiny newborn details, along with the immense love and joy your family has surrounding this newest family member. 

Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Photo of mother with two young boys and newborn baby girl

Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.

When you just had a baby, the last thing you want to do is pack up and go somewhere.  Being in your own home means everyone is more comfortable, at ease, and relaxed. It also means we can capture where life with a newborn happens, usually focusing on rooms like mom and dad’s room, the nursery, and/or the living room. Learn more about in-home newborn sessions with Why I Only Shoot Newborn Sessions In Your Home.

Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Photo of swaddled newborn baby awake in crib

I guide you into poses with mom and baby’s comfort and safety in mind.

I know that you just had a baby, which means that not all positions are comfortable. I also know the feeling and insecurities around our bodies after giving birth. With that, I let mom and baby be the leads for what we do. If mom isn’t comfortable standing, you can stay snuggled on the bed or couch. If baby only wants to be held, then mom and dad will hold that baby close. I use flattering angles, light and positions that put the focus on your baby and your love for your family

Seattle newborn photographer, Neyssa Lee Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Photo of mom looking at newborn baby

In the end, a lifestyle newborn photo session captures your family as you are in your home with gentle posing and guidance.

When you see your gallery of images I want them to feel real. I want them to be a true reminder of this time right after welcoming a baby into your lives. Your photographs will represent those things that you will want to remember like the way your baby snuggled up in your arms, fit on your husband’s chest, and unfolded when laid down on your bed. I want you to be able to show off the way your kids loved on their baby sister when you first brought her home.  I want you to see your gallery of images and be taken back to those first weeks with a newborn baby in your home. Because we all know, our babies grow much too quickly.

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