Two Photography Tips to Stop Your Kids From Running from the Camera

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Looking for photography tips to stop your kids running from the camera? What is it with kids and seeing a camera that makes them want to run away?

I will tell you, it’s not them, it’s you. But you can change this, and help them learn that the camera isn’t a thing to run from with these two easy steps.

Kids playing not running from camera with gorgeous sunflare

Always keep your camera out.

I hate clutter, but my camera has become a part of our home decor. I have a spot on a shelf in my living room where my camera sits, ready to go. Of course, it is high enough so kids can’t just pull it down, but it’s always out.

By having your camera always out and nearby, you are doing three things.

First, you will have that gentle reminder to pick it up and use it! Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Next, your kids will be used to seeing it out.

Finally, when a moment is unfolding you’re ready. You can grab it quickly without interrupting. When you have to run to another room to dig out your camera you risk missing a moment, or interrupting that moment by coming and going. You can finally capture that detail of the way he plays with the tag on his reindeer lovey.

Now that your camera is always out, repeat after me.


“I will not make my kids perform for the camera.”

Say that again, “I will not make my kids perform for the camera”.” This is the main reason why kids resist. They’ve been told to say cheese, to stop what they are doing and to put the focus on the camera. They were having fun, and now they are on display. I don’t blame them for wanting to run away.

Instead, be patient, watch the moment unfold and capture the story as it is.

Now, there is a time for a nice portrait. But if you’re always asking your kids to stop and smile for the camera, they will be much less cooperative.

Keep in mind. If your child isn’t used to seeing the camera or is used to you always asking them to say cheese, it will take a little time for you to break the cycle.

Stick with it. Keep that camera out, and don’t interrupt them. If they automatically stop and smile tell them it’s okay and to go back to whatever they were doing. Eventually, it will be natural for mom to have a camera in her hands.

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