Two, A Letter to My Son {A Personal Post}

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

My dear, sweet boy, how is it that you are turning 2 years old today? I’m sure you will hear me say it every year, but it feels like I was just in the hospital meeting you for the very first time. You have brought so much joy and love to your father and I over the past 2 years. This last year has been full of so many adventures and firsts, it has been amazing watching you morph from a baby into a little boy. Your nursing cheeks are fading and you’re becoming more independent each day. In the last year you’ve started walking, saying more and more words, and you became a big brother. Despite how big you seem at times, you’re still my baby boy.

There are so many things you do that make me smile. Like talking on my phone (to no one) non stop. Or how you will pick up the phone if its ringing and bring it to me and point to my ears.I love how every Monday morning you sit and watch the garbage and recycling trucks go by. When they are gone you tell me you want more trucks, like I have control over who drives by!This past year you have really grown into quite the chef. Grandpa Bob built stairs so that you can be up at the counter helping us in the kitchen. It amazes me every day how much you have soaked up about cooking. You know where everything is and what you’ll need. I especially love how you sneak bites of the flour mixture or take the chocolate chips out of the cookies when I’m trying to spoon them onto the baking sheet! Sometimes I wonder why we have any toys for you when you’d be happy playing in the kitchen all day.I love that it is getting nice out again, because you just love the park. I think you’d spend all day going up and down the stairs of the playground if I let you, but at least you still love to swing.

You are such a wonderful big brother. You love to make your sister laugh by tickling her or bring her toys. When she cries you are genuinely concerned for her and you make sure I’m going to make her feel better. Even though you are realizing that you don’t always want to share your toys with her, you usually find something you are okay sharing. It has been amazing watching your relationship grow. 

This window-sil in our house is another of your favorite places to play. I love to sit back and watch you push your cars and trains along the ledge, seeing how far you can get them without them falling off. I love your smile, but most of all I love you. You are such a sweet, loving boy, I could not be more proud that you’re my son. Your father and I love you so very much. Happy birthday!

Mom (and Dad)

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