Tips to Better Serve Your Photography Clients During the Fall

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Business Coach Neyssa Lee Shares tips to better serve your photography clients in the fall

How can you better serve your photography clients during the fall?

Fall is busy season when you’re a photographer. Families trying to squeeze in photos before holiday cards and gifts. Not to mention people wanting to take advantage of earlier sunsets and beautiful fall color.

Your schedule is swamped and the last thing you want is one more thing on your to-do list.

But what if you’re missing out on ways to better serve your photography clients by not showing up?

In my eyes, it is easier to provide an amazing experience for a current client than to keep finding new ones. So while my schedule as a family photographer may already be booked for fall, I’m still looking for ways I can show up, serve my clients, and help provide a well-rounded experience.

Here are a few of my top tips for serving your clients right now.

Better serve your photography clients by writing blogs that help them after their photo session.

Do you offer all digital files with your sessions? How about you write something about where your clients should print their photos? You could also write ideas for how to display those photos or how to use their photos for gifts.

Instead of leaving your clients feeling overwhelmed with their images on their hard drive, give them ideas, inspiration, and tips on ways to use those photos.

Better serve your clients by sharing simple tips for taking better photos during the holidays.

You’re the photography expert. I’m guessing you’re not following your clients around on Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas taking photos for them. Consider providing them a few easy tips for taking better photos during the holidays.

A favorite blog post of my family’s is 5 Tips for Magical Halloween Photos.

Not only will this help you show up as an expert, but your clients will appreciate you taking it a step further and helping them capture a few special moments of their own.

Another idea is to write content that helps your client figure out what to wear for their fall family session.

You probably have tips on what to wear for family photos. However, take it a step further and create content that focuses on fall specifically. What extras will a family need (layers, accessories), or what colors photograph best in fall?

Your families will love the extra help and inspiration as they are preparing for their sessions.

How else can you better serve your photography clients during fall?

Start planning ahead. After fall, what do you hope to be capturing? Have you started planning for next year’s sessions or will you work move to more of a newborn focus for winter months? Maybe you have special winter sessions?

Start sharing on social media, writing newsletters, sharing photos, and writing blog posts that get people thinking ahead with you. As you do this, you not only help your client keep you top of mind, you help your business fill in holes during slower seasons.

These were a few of my favorite tips for better serving your photography clients during the fall. While these months may be busy for you, showing up and serving your clients will elevate their experience and help keep them as long time families.

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