Tired of spinning on the hamster wheel of overwhelm and overwork?

Time management academy for women in business

Get my proven, stress reducing, business growing, time management strategies. Learn to streamline your business, better use your time, and get more done.

Time Management Academy for Women will help you gain control of your life while growing your business. Reduce overwhelm, stress, and find passion in your business again. 

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Time management strategies will give you freedom. Feel the weight lifted off of your shoulders. Start thriving in business and in life.

Multitasking and never ending to-do lists are killing you. It isn't about fitting more into your day, but finding focus on the RIGHT things.

Stop letting your business run you.

You do not have to live in constant burnout and overwhelm. You do not have to live wondering why your business isn't growing, yet at the same time feeling unsure if you could handle anymore business.

Learn how to use your time more wisely, how to approach your days to get more of the right things done. Say good bye to sabotaging, never-ending to do lists and hello to freedom and joy. 

You're not struggling in business because you aren't good enough. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are doing this all on your own. 

You just need help getting your small business on track. You need time management strategies to take back control of your life and your business. 

Hi! I'm Neyssa, a Seattle based photographer. I am running my business while raising 6 kids. Now, I'm sharing my strategies with you, so that you can experience joy instead of overwhelm in business.

Blogging can change your Photography business.
But it can feel overwhelming.
Yet, it does not have to be. Take my hand and become a blogging master.

Learn to blog in an effective and efficient way that truly serves your business. Start attracting your ideal clients, serving your current clients, building your brand, all while moving your website up the SEO rankings with blogging. 

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Time management strategies designed for the 9-5 employee do not work for you as a small business owner.

When you began your business you took it day by day. However, as the initial growth has slowed, all of your things to do have increased. You feel you cannot keep up.

The words 'overwhelmed', 'burned out', and 'exhausted' are in your daily vocabulary. 

You bounce from task to task trying to make it through your to-do list, yet find you never complete that list by the day's end. 

You've read books, listened to business experts on Instagram, listened to podcasts. But every business strategy suggested would not work for your life or business.

You begin your day with hope for the day ahead. You look at your to-do list. It feels long, but manageable. 

But then your toddler is sick, your baby wakes up early, and you realize you never scheduled that social media post. You feel your day is derailed by 7:30 am.

As your day moves forward you sneak in more work time while bouncing a baby on your hip. With each task you check off, you realize you have 4 more things to add. 

By the days’ end, you’re not sure what you really did. Feeling defeated, you climb into bed to try again tomorrow. 

Except you find tomorrow is the same as the day before. A never ending to do list with no direction, you’re unsure how to move forward in business while being there for your kids. 

There is a better way for you to live

You CAN do it all, just not all at once.

If I can do it. You can too. I know you can. I can help you find strategies that work for your business.

With the right time management strategies, you can do it all. You can be a successful business owner (no matter what your definition of success looks like), a mom who is there for her kids, a great friend, life-partner, woman. You can do it all.

But you cannot do it all at once. Nor can you keep doing it the way you're doing things.

How do I know? Because I was you. I have been in your shoes.

A few years after starting my photography business, I found myself running a business with a toddler and a newborn. My days were filled with juggling mom-life with boss-life. 

The nap time hustle was draining me. Not to mention I felt like business growth was slow because I was focused on making it from day to day, instead of forward thinking.

But who had time to plan ahead?

I was on the brink of throwing in the towel on my business. 

Instead of giving up, I poured myself into learning how to better run a business. I sought out mentors, books, podcasts, courses. I took everything I learned on business and time management and tweaked it so that it worked for me as a woman in business, and a stay-at-home mom.

Over the past 13 years, I have grown my business and my family. As the primary caregiver for my 6 kids, I run a close to six-figure business.

Time Management Academy for women in business



Your blueprint for establishing systems and routines for your business and life. Learn to take control of your day so you can get more of the right things done to move the needle in your business and your life. An 8 module, self-paced course that allows you to implement right away. Start seeing the changes in your life sooner.

I went from overwhelmed and ready to quit to thriving and present. I have more time with my family, to do things I love, and to give my photography clients the attention and experience they deserve.

I'm sharing my time management strategies and secrets with YOU. 

Your Mindset will Make or Break Your Business

The Weekly Routine

The Daily Routine


From Monthly Goals to Daily Tasks

Week Walk Through

Routine Tasks vs. Goals

The "Extras"

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

What's Inside the Course?

In the first module we tackle a few hard truths and mindset shifts you can begin making to change your business. This module will set the tone to help you succeed in Time Management Academy, in your business and in your life.

This course includes 8 video modules along with a 40+ page pdf. Watch the videos for quick, visual learning. Read the PDF for a more in depth look of the modules. Plus, recieve access to an accountability Facebook Group.

In this module learn how to be more intentional each week. No more fumbling through each week, but have purpose and direction.

Moving forward we go from the week to focusing on your day. Learn a new approach to the ineffective, never-ending to do list. 

This module brings the beginning of fine tuning systems and looking at your business differently. This Time Management Academy module will also help you improve your client experience. Save time and make it better for your client? Win-win!

Imagine each day helping you reach your goals instead of making it from one task to another. 

Learn to turn your goals in to daily tasks that you can actually achieve. 

Feel more confident in laying out your own week after watching module 6 of Time Management Academy. Here you'll see an example week using the strategies learned in earlier modules.

When you finish this course, you will only feel in control of your schedule, your life, and your business, if needle pushing tasks AND the everyday and/or routine tasks are addressed. 
In this module you will learn how to fit in both types of tasks.

The final module to help you round everything up. Time Management Academy would not be complete without helping you figure out how to find better balance, make the most of your work sessions, deal with lack of motivation and/or inspiration, and more.

Master Blogging Course for Photographers Add Ons


3 Months of Q&A - $50

This add on allows you to join bi-monthly zoom calls to ask all of your burning blogging questions. Get clarification, see if you're on the right track and make the most of the course.


(3) Video Blog Reviews - $50

Make sure you're on the right track with your blogs for your photography business with (3) video blog reviews. See where you can improve your blogs.


The Bundle - $90

Bundle 3 Months of Q&A and (3) Video Blog Reviews and save. 

Master Blogging Course for Photographers - Black Friday!

As a mom (for almost 18 years) and a business owner/photographer (for almost 10 years), I am well aware of the work/life challenge we all face. The stress, frustration, and mom-guilt are real. We know time is our most precious resource and finding balance may seem daunting. It's not. 
Neyssa has been able to guide me back on a sustainable plan that allows me to give myself fully, to both family and work. Her simple, yet highly effective systems are truly based on first hand knowledge and experience. 

After implementing one change, I immediately saw, and felt, results! This was huge and set me up to implement another change, then another. All these seemingly small steps are really laying the foundation. 

Time management academy for women in business

Time Management Academy gives you step-by-step modules that you can put into action as you progress through the materials. You can start seeing results right away. 

Binge the course in one day, or take it slowly. The pace is up to you. The course modules are available to you for one full year to replay and review over and over.

Plus, as a Time Management Academy student you'll gain access to a community of support. Have weekly accountability checkins, ask questions, and share wins with other women in business.


Master Blogging Course for Photographers Add Ons


3 Months of Q&A - $50

This add on allows you to join bi-monthly zoom calls to ask all of your burning blogging questions. Get clarification, see if you're on the right track and make the most of the course.


(3) Video Blog Reviews - $50

Make sure you're on the right track with your blogs for your photography business with (3) video blog reviews. See where you can improve your blogs.


The Bundle - $90

Bundle 3 Months of Q&A and (3) Video Blog Reviews and save. 

Master Blogging Course for Photographers - Black Friday!



Stop feeling overwhelmed with never ending to do lists.


Get your business on track and growing without working 24/7.


Improve systems and client experiences while saving yourself time.


Find work-life balance, to truly love your business and your life, not feel overwhelmed and underwater.

this is for you.

I've been where you are now. I did not have enough business to sustain my family. Yet raising a toddler and a baby while growing a business felt impossible. I was working constantly. Always feeling like I was failing someone or something.

I hit a wall. I had to find a new way or give up.

I knew I couldn't keep going the rate I was. I loved my photography business, I needed it to succeed. I also loved being home with the kids. That's when I dug in and found time management strategies and systems that worked for my life, my business, and my family. Now, I have successful business and 6 kids. If I can do it. You can too. I can help you.



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