Things to Avoid When Creating Reels for Your Business

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Stop doing these things in your Instagram Reels!

Are you creating Reels for Instagram but then finding you are not gaining any traction?

If you haven’t started creating Reels yet, GREAT! You can keep reading and make sure you don’t make these common mistakes I see other small businesses making.

Grab a pen and paper to take notes, and get ready to change the way you’re looking at reels.

Stop not providing value in your Reels.

Reels are just one tool in your marketing tool box. They are a way you can help your potential client build that know, like and trust factor. You must provide value that helps to build that trust. Using Reels for simply entertaining your client may show you’re fun but not build any confidence that you’re the best for the job you do.

Stop only creating lip syncing Reels.

Sure, a good lip sync reel can be entertaining. But again, they do not tell us anything about you or your business. Instead it’s like, great this person really loves Friends (not a bad thing, of course, but why should I hire you as my photographer just because you like friends?).

If you’re not sure what I mean by lip syncs, they are the reels where you play a sound clip and you mouth the words to it. Maybe you include a little text that gives context, but in reality this isn’t enough if you’re only doing these types of Reels. And if it is ALL that you’re doing, your audience is going to get bored and move on.

Having a good cover for your Reels helps your viewer stay interested in your reels page.

Having a good cover for your Reels helps your viewer stay interested in your reels page.

Stop only creating one Reel at a time.

Batch those Reels. Time is money (and something we have very little of as small business owners). So create multiple Reels in one sitting so you have a week or two (or more) worth of content ready to share without the extra work!

Stop forgetting a cover with a title for your reel.

A cover with a title can help someone know what to expect when they visit your profile and look at your Reels feed. A person is more likely to view your other Reels if there is a cover with a title helping them know what to expect.

Bonus: Have titles that draw them in, that will make them want to click on your Reels.

Stop hiding. Show your face!

I know video can feel intimidating. If someone is looking for a photographer they want to know WHO they are hiring. So make sure you’re showing. your face so that they can tie the great information you’re sharing (remember above where we are only going to provide valuable content).

Now you’re equipped with simple fixes, things to avoid, and what you need to start doing right now as you create Reels for your small business.

Still looking for ways to use Reels to elevate your brand? I created a freebie just for you. Head to the link below to grab it and really change the way you look at this tool on Instagram.

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