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There’s nothing like a little tangerine sorbet to make a sunny day even better. The kids have never had an actual ice cream cone, so we decided to embrace the imminent mess and go all out with bright orange, messy, tangerine sorbet. Of course, Derek and I had some too, but photos of us eating isn’t nearly as cute!
The kids were so excited to get their very own cone. As Sawyer was getting her cone,  I chose to focus on her little hands over Derek’s hand. I loved how I could show the size of their hands together, yet still get her look of concentration as a soft blur in the background.
Tangerine Sorbet, Photographing Everyday Moments, Neyssa Lee PhotographyMilo was very serious about eating his sorbet. Of course, whenever the sorbet was at the level of the cone he wanted us to add another scoop. We finally convinced him the cone was pretty yummy too. Tangerine Sorbet, Photographing Everyday Moments, Neyssa Lee PhotographyThis was one of my favorites from our little outing. The sun was so bright so I moved around to get the perfect angle to allow sun to fill the frame without overpowering Milo. Tangerine Sorbet, Photographing Everyday Moments, Neyssa Lee PhotographySee, I wasn’t lying about the mess. But instead of wiping it up, I decided to take a photo. Her face wasn’t the only messy place. Tangerine sorbet also graced her shirt & pants, hands, and even Derek’s shirt. But it was worth it!
Tangerine Sorbet, Photographing Everyday Moments, Neyssa Lee PhotographyMilo couldn’t quite get the last of the sorbet. So Grandpa taught him how to suck out the rest. I’m sure you can guess who else wanted to follow suit (even though her cone was still full, and yes, that lead to a bigger mess). Note the orange on his shirt too… Once again, I love how the beautiful sunlight is creeping over the top of his head!
Tangerine Sorbet, Photographing Everyday Moments, Neyssa Lee Photography

Even though this was a messy, quick outing, I’m so glad I captured it. My kids will see not just the big moments, but these little ones. That we went out for ice cream on a random Tuesday afternoon because it was sunny outside. What moments can you capture?

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