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Hi, I'm Neyssa

I wanted a photo tip for summer that would help reduce the stress of capturing your kids this summer. I love this time of year, the warm weather, spending the day outside, burning off the endless toddler energy. But with sunshine comes shadows and sun and shadows and the kids running in and out of the sun and shade.
As Derek was pushing Sawyer down the driveway on a tricycle, I noticed how the neighbors trees were creating sun and shade patches.  I was reminded of this simple summer photo tip
Simple Summer Photo TipHere’s my driveway. A basic boring photo, to show how Derek and Sawyer would go alternate between being in the sun and in the shade. If I continuously tried to expose for them as they were moving I would get frustrated and probably miss the shot all together. Simple Summer Photo Tip

Instead, I had to decide if I was going to photograph them in the sun or in the shade. Simple as that. If your kids are running back and forth and you want to capture them, decide if you’re going to capture them in the sun or in the shade. Honestly, you’re going to miss shots because you’re not shooting both the sun and shade. But I know from experience that I capture more moments because I’m ready for when they do enter the shade (or sun if I’ve chosen) and I’m not continuously messing with the settings on my camera.

Bonus tip: Try the direction you are shooting. In the image at the very top, I was shooting out towards the sunlight where the light fills in around Sawyer and Derek. In the image below, I stood in the sun and shot into the shade, letting the light illuminate Sawyer while the shade filled in behind her. (Yes, it is a different tricycle, Derek decided it was much easier to push her standing up instead of bent over!). Simple Summer Photo Tip

I hope this simple summer photo tip helps you relax a little as you go to capture your kids playing outside. For me, it is like I only have to do half the work now! I can shoot them in the shade, and even set the camera down to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine for myself!


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  1. says:

    AWESOME photo tip! (and Sawyer is getting soooo big!!) xo!

  2. says:

    AWESOME photo tip! (and Sawyer is getting soooo big!!) xo!

  3. says:

    AWESOME photo tip! (and Sawyer is getting soooo big!!) xo!

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