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While I do love seeing all of the fun projects Milo brings home from his school, the clean/organized me struggles with what to do with all of them. I do have a box of things that I keep for each kid, but somethings just won’t fit (or last that long). So I decided to find a new way – preserving school projects in a photograph.
Milo recently had space month at his preschool. I think it has been his favorite so far as he’s come home talking about things like “pretend trips to Venus” (yes he made sure to tell me they were pretend trips not real ones). One day I picked him up and he was all lit up and then he showed me his rocket. I will never forget that smile on his face, and I didn’t want to forget the rocket he built (with help he assures me – so much his personality). This rocket is really where preserving school projects in a photograph came to life in my mind. So I found a well lit location in my home, did a little pre-clean up around him and captured him with his rocket.

2015-01-28_0001The sheer joy on his face in the image is priceless to me. I hope when he’s older he can look and see the pride and excitement he had over the rocket he built in school.2015-01-28_0002Photo Tip: Although I did start with Milo holding the rocket (bottom right photo), I then asked him to tell me about it, fly it around, and that’s when magic happened. He started showing me the flames on the bottom and how it flies so fast! When capturing your child with their project, have them tell you about it (or if applicable, show you how it works). The light you can capture as they show you something they’ve accomplished will be priceless!2015-01-28_0003

This series of photos will go into our yearly family album (done with Digital Project Life, as I shared here). While I know that I can’t preserve every project, I hope that by preserving school projects in a photograph, Milo will be able to see what he did in school as he grew!


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