Preparing for Your Fine Art Portrait Session

A Fine Art Portrait is about capturing a timeless and classic portrait of your child, all while keeping their true personality. There are no forced poses or smiles. Read through the following information to help you prepare and make the most of your session. Please take note of the COVID-19 guidelines.

What to Wear

Fine Art Portraits are taken on a black backdrop with a tight frame (from the shoulders up no full body shots). You want to avoid large logos or text on tops, bright colors (they can distract and create color casts on your child’s skin). Solid colors, or nice prints look best, keeping in mind the background is black. Please note this is for kids only.

Families with younger children. If your child might be shy, I recommend one parent wearing dark pants and a dark top (all black is awesome). You may be a “mama bench” for them to stay close to you without you showing up in the frame while I capture them.

Girl moms, small bows are adorable, but, keep in mind that the photo is a tight crop. This means that the bow may be cut off in many photos, especially if it is large.

What to Expect

My goal is to capture your child authentically. This means instead of asking them to smile for me, I’m going to talk to them. This not only helps them relax but gets more genuine smiles. Unless your child is super shy, I suggest you walk away out of their line of sight and allow me to capture your child. Too many people talking to them and trying to get them smile leads to forced smiles and tense kids.

For this event we will be following strict social distancing and state guidelines for protecting everyone from COVID-19. Thus please follow these requirements for your session.

  • When you arrive, please remain in your car until 10-15 minutes before your session time. This is to help keep the number of families out at a time.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times. Masks are required. Children may obviously remove them during their picture time. Parents please leave your masks on at all times. My assistant and myself will be wearing masks during the duration of the event.

  • There will be cones/”Xs” spaced 6ft apart for a few families to wait for their session time while preparing their children. (Use this time for any last minute face wipes, hair brushing, etc).

  • As much as we all want to hang around and chat after your session, I ask that you please return to your car so to make room for more families to move through the line.

I’m grateful for everyone’s support and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

What to Do

Approximately a week after the event your portraits will be available. A gallery of images in both color and black and white will be emailed you. You are not only able to select the digital file included with your session fee, but also order additional digital files, and professional prints and products. See below for information on pricing and product availability.

After Your Session

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